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Part-Time Employment

The Department of Institutional Equity and Human Resources has made modifications to the part time hiring process. Effective Monday, April 20, 2020, all part-time and Adjunct Faculty hiring forms must be completed electronically.  Paper forms will no longer be accepted.


  • Start the process by completing a job description (a template for the part-time job description can be found here.).
  • Once complete, please forward the job description to Human Resources. For assistance with your posting and any questions regarding part-time employment, please contact Nelsi Melo Feliz  at [email protected].
  • All part-time positions, including Adjunct Faculty positions, will be advertised in accordance with CCRI’s hiring policy.
  • Select your candidate from the pool of applicants.
  • Complete the HR Part-Time Payroll Authorization or the Adjunct workflow in the system: 

When the part-time or Adjunct Faculty new hire is approved, HR will contact the new hire to complete employment forms (if applicable). If new employment forms are required:

  • HR will contact the new hire to initiate a BCI via an email from Hireright. The new hire must complete the steps in the email to initiate the BCI.
  • The new hire will receive an email from DocuSign containing employment forms to be completed. The Docusign email will contain a link for the new hire to schedule an I-9 appointment to present work authorization documentation in person.
  • Once HR receives BCI results, completed DocuSign paperwork, and acceptable I-9 documentation, the new hire will be entered in Banner.
  • The new hire and hiring manager will receive an email notification from [email protected] This email’s subject will be "Part-time Authorization letter", this is the final approval from HR for the employee to start.


Part-time employees can work up to 19 hours on each individual job, but cannot exceed 19 hours per week across all part-time jobs, including adjunct faculty assignments, and cannot exceed 925 hours within a fiscal year.

Incumbents with conditional offers of employment shall not commence work until authorization has been granted by the Human Resources Department.

Hiring managers must submit requests 3-4 weeks in advance of the desired incumbent’s hire date. This is to ensure timely processing/approval of request and information.

(*)Guest Lecturers, Speakers or Special Event Participants must complete a W-9 and the hiring department must submit a College Requisition. Questions regarding the requisition process should be directed to the Purchasing Department.


Hourly employees (part-time staff and non-credit instructors) are required to complete an electronic bi-weekly timecard. The timecard must be approved by the supervisor. Failure to submit timecards in accordance with established protocols may result in delays in payroll processing.

Non-hourly employees (adjuncts, coaches, and faculty stipends) are paid in installments per semester worked; no timecards are required.

Calendars & Payroll Schedules can be found here.


Click here to access the Workflow system. Instructions can be found below for the appropriate part-time authorization request.