Inclement Weather

In accordance with the Class and Normal Operations Cancellations Policy, classes and normal operations may be cancelled by the President or her designee. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be made in a timely manner to enable students, faculty, and staff to best provide for their personal safety. Although conditions may be different at each campus location, decisions will generally be made based on “worst conditions” and whenever possible, applied to all locations to avoid confusion and travel by faculty and students between campuses. Cancellations due to a non-weather event will be made immediately by campus as conditions dictate.

Though classes may be cancelled, employees are expected to report to work or remain at work. Non-Classified employees, classified employees and calendar-year faculty who feel that they cannot safely get to their work site or wish to leave work early due to inclement weather conditions, may be excused from work providing they discharge vacation or personal leave or take leave without pay in accordance with their contract. Non-Classified employees may also discharge authorized compensatory time.

Part time employees who feel that they are not able to safely travel to their work location, or wish to leave work early due to inclement weather conditions will not be compensated for missed time.

Designated emergency personnel are required to report to or remain at work during inclement weather conditions.

If the College itself is ever closed, such word will be made public only as part of a general announcement authorized by the Governor, affecting all state employees. In that event, classified employees may elect to discharge sick leave as an alternative to discharging vacation or personal leave. The use of sick leave in this case is limited to a maximum of two (2) sick days per calendar year.

Employees are automatically enrolled to receive RAVE emergency alerts via their CCRI email account. Employees may also elect to receive RAVE emergency alerts via their cell phone number.

For Campus Closure and Emergency Information:

  • 401-825-2344
  • 401-333-7171
  • 401-851-1717

To Receive Text/Email Alerts: Rave Alerts

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