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Direct Deposit

All CCRI employees may opt to utilize direct deposit; however, any State of Rhode Island employee hired after September 30, 2014, is required to sign up for direct deposit with their chosen financial institution upon hire.  State of Rhode Island employees hired prior to September 30, 2014, and who have not already signed up for direct deposit will be required to participate no later than June 30, 2016.  Once enrolled, an employee may not cancel direct deposit and revert to check payments.

As of September 2014 the State of Rhode Island has adopted the use of electronic pay stubs; paper pay stubs will no longer being distributed for employees who utilize direct deposit.  Once the direct deposit has been established, the electronic pay stub is available via Paystub RI.  To view your pay stubs you must register with Paystub RI (please have your unique employee ID handy which is located on the pay check that you receive prior to direct deposit being established).

The following issues should be carefully considered when contemplating the use of direct deposit:

• Employees should have access to their net pay amounts by 12:00 a.m. of each Friday payday.  Some financial institutions may not transfer these electronic funds on the State's payday.  It is the employee's responsibility to check with his/her financial institution's capabilities before deciding on that institution.

• If a holiday occurs on any day during the payroll processing week, your direct deposit will be made on the normal Friday payday.  The State Office of Accounts & Control publishes an annual calendar of direct deposit effective dates, which is available through the Payroll Office and on the Human Resources website.

• Employees may change their direct deposit instructions at any time but are restricted to a total of three (3) changes per calendar year.

The direct deposit form is located via the link below; it should be completed and returned to CCRI’s Human Resources Office along with a voided check from your account.  Please note that due to the pre-notification process, it may take up to three pay periods for direct deposit to take effect during which time you will continue to receive paper pay checks.

Please contact the Human Resources Office (825-2311) or Payroll Office (825-2180) with any questions you may have.

Helpful Links:
Direct Deposit Authorization/Change form for full-time employees
Direct Deposit Authorization/Change form for part-time employees
Paystub RI Registration Page
Paystub RI Quick Start Guide

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Last Updated: 2/3/16