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Dental Coverage

State of Rhode Island employees are covered under the State's Delta Dental Plan.  The cost of dental insurance is either a percentage of your salary or a percentage of the premium.  Refer to the appropriate union contract for more information.

Coverage Levels:
You may choose whichever coverage best meets your needs.

Individual Coverage:
For yourself only

Family Coverage:
For yourself and your eligible dependents, including your spouse and eligible dependent children up to age 19, or up to age 25 for full-time students.

How the Dental Plan Works:

You may choose to receive your dental care from any dentist you wish.  To get the highest level of benefits payable under this plan, use a Delta Dental participating dentist.  If you go to a non-network dentist, you will usually have to pay more for your care and the plan will cover less of the costs.

Network Dentists:
-When you receive care from a Delta Dental network dentist, the dentist agrees to accept Delta Dental's allowance as the full charge.  This means that for care covered at 100%, such as cleanings or fillings, the dentist does not bill you for any amount over the Delta Dental's allowed charge. 

-Also, you never need to file a claim form when you visit a network dentist.  Your dentist will file the claim directly with the plan and receive payment directly from the plan.  The dentist will then bill you for the amount you owe, such as for the 50% you owe on services covered @ 50% (such a periodontics and orthodontics).

Non-Network Dentists:
-When you receive care from a non-network dentist, the dentist has not agreed to accept the Delta Dental allowance as the full charge.  This means that if your non-network dentist charges more than Delta Dental allows for care covered at 100%, such as cleanings or fillings, the dentist may bill you for amounts over Delta Dental's allowed charge.

-Also, you may need to pay the non-network dentist first and then file a claim form for reimbursement.  In this case, you will have to wait for Delta Dental to process your claim and reimburse you.

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