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Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is provided to all eligible employees † and their families.  The collective bargaining agreement outlines benefit eligibility.  Eligible employees may select individual or family medical insurance with United Health Care.

Changes to medical insurance options may be made once per year during "open enrollment," which typically takes place in the Spring and changes takes effect the first pay period in July.  Information on cost of coverage are provided in advance of open enrollment to all eligible employees.

Medical Insurance Waiver:
Should an employee already have insurance coverage through other means, he/she may elect to waive medical insurance coverage and receive additional money per year in taxable income ($2,002 for non-classified employees and faculty; $1,001 for classified employees).  (This income shall not be taken into account when calculating other benefits that are pay related, such as life insurance.) To elect this option, a State of RI Waiver of Health Coverage Form must be signed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

Please Note: (1) An employee may reverse this waiver should a change in family status result in a loss of coverage through other means. (2) Also, any change in employment classification that would result in the loss of eligibility to participate in the health insurance plan may qualify an employee for benefits continuation under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Employees should refer to the COBRA (Continuation of Health Insurance Coverage) policy for more information.


To learn more about medical insurance, visit the State of Rhode Island's Medical/Pharmacy page at:

To download the health insurance forms, visit CCRI's Forms page at

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Last Updated: 7/2/15