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Procedure For Requesting An Accommodation

The Community College of Rhode Island is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to its employees, if necessary, in order to perform the essential functions of their positions.
To request a reasonable accommodation:

  1. The employee notifies either the Office of Human Resources or the Office of Institutional Equity of his or her disability.

  2. After notification, the Office of Human Resources will provide the employee with a copy of his/her job description, the Disability Verification Form-Health Provider Statement (to be completed by the healthcare provider in order to declare a disability) and the Reasonable Accommodation Request Form to be completed by the employee.

  3. The completed Reasonable Accommodation Request Form, Disability Verification Form/Health Provider Statement, job description and essential functions are reviewed by the Director of Human Resources or designee. The Director of Human Resources, or designee, will meet with the appropriate campus officials, if necessary, to discuss the accommodation request.

  4. Once a decision is reached regarding the accommodations request, a letter of notification is sent from the Director Human Resources, or designee, to the employee to be signed by the employee and returned to the Office of Human Resources for official record.

  5. In compliance with applicable laws and regulations, all documents pertaining to a disability request are placed in a confidential file and may be opened only by the employee or an appropriate Human Resources representative on an “as needed” basis.

Appeal Procedure

Should the employee requesting an accommodation disagree with the decision reached by the Director of Human Resources, or designee, an appeal may be filed by the employee with the Associate Vice President for Equity and Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator.