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Guiding Principles: Going the Distance for Our Students

The CCRI Culture Initiative engaged in a series of conversations to develop a vision for a strengthened college culture. The following Guiding Principles describe the organizational norms and behaviors that we aspire to.

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Read a report that includes the initial version of these principles, a summary of the feedback from staff and faculty, and the process used to arrive at this final version.

New! See below for videos featuring staff and faculty sharing their perspectives on the Guiding Principles. Check back for more videos as they are added to the site.

CCRI Guiding Principles: Going the Distance for our Students

We believe in our students

Description: We are here for our students and because of our students. We create conditions inside and outside the classroom that allow students to reach their highest potential.

We champion equity

Description: Our diversity is our strength. We leverage the diverse experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives that are represented across our community. We build equitable, just, and inclusive classrooms and workplaces for all in the CCRI community.

We strive for excellence and results

Description: Our standards are high because we know our work directly impacts students and the community. We seek insight and guidance from data when making decisions and work towards goals-oriented results.

We communicate and collaborate

Description: We are better together. We value dialogue, listening, and trusting relationships. Respectful and intentional communication breaks down silos; creates and maintains channels between departments, campuses, and roles; and positively impacts our understanding of how our college works.

We pursue creative solutions

Description: Our workplace benefits from an environment that encourages creativity and openness, while also efficiently managing resources. We will thoughtfully experiment with innovative ideas in order to best meet the needs of our students and our community.

We follow through

Description: We make every effort to meet the needs of our students and colleagues. We follow through with our students and with each other, and we are diligent and committed in all our work.