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About the Culture Task Force

The CCRI Culture Task Force has been meeting since February, 2018  to drive the Culture Initiative work forward. Following are the members of the CCRI Culture Task Force. Click on their names to learn more about their roles at CCRI and why they are involved in this initiative.

Michael Archetto

Assistant Building Grounds Officer; Warwick

Why I'm involved: "I chose to become involved with the CCRI Culture Initiative to help promote awareness in the belief that we can develop a culture of understanding and sharing. It is through these values that the college can actively foster growth for all."

Mary Baker

Executive Assistant, Administration; Providence, Lincoln

Why I'm involved: “I'm excited to be a part of bringing the Culture of CCRI to where I know it can be...respectful of our students, each other and our Community!!”

Karen Bellnier

Director of Instructional Technology and Online Learning, Academic Affairs; Warwick

Why I'm involved: “As a new member of this community, this effort has introduced me to a wide range of perspectives, passions, and the people that make up CCRI. Having a shared, positive culture can empower change that would be considered unimaginable or unachievable otherwise. I hope that my diverse experience can contribute to the effort.”

Crystal Bergantine

Assistant Administrative Officer, Enrollment Services; Providence

Why I'm involved: “I am very excited by the operating principle "we go the extra mile" because when we all do that, the sky is the limit!”

MaryAdele Combe

Manager, Instructional Support, Information Technology; Warwick

Why I'm involved: "I am involved in the CCRI Culture Initiative to engage in a dialog about CCRI's organizational values with the interest of the success and well-being of each member of the CCRI community, as well as the institution, in mind."

Michael Daley

Senior Technical Programmer, Information Technology; Warwick

Why I'm involved: I am involved with the CCRI culture initiative to assist in and promote a culture change at CCRI. I am most excited in saying that at CCRI “We are resourceful and pursue creative solutions”. These types of solutions are usually ones that are most beneficial in promoting an ongoing strength within the CCRI community.

Justine Egan-Kunicki

Assistant Professor, Psychology; Warwick

Why I'm involved: “As a social psychologist I am interested in how our culture impacts our student, faculty, and staff daily functioning. The draft operating principles that most excite me are: 'We empower students and believe in their potential' and 'We recognize, value, and maximize the benefits of diversity.' I firmly believe that our students, faculty, and staff are all extraordinary and innovative. I want our cultural outlook to reflect said innovation and embrace the diverse backgrounds of our college.”

Naglaa Gaafar

Coordinator of Student Retention Studies, Opportunity and Outreach; Warwick

Why I'm involved: “I am involved in the CCRI Culture Initiative to actively participate in bringing about a continued positive change to our CCRI community. My hope is that our efforts will make CCRI the best place to enroll as a student and the most rewarding and cooperative working environment to all employees.”

Phil Gordon

Coordinator, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment; Warwick

Why I'm involved: “I think it's a rare opportunity to get to think about what kind of organization I want to show up to every day. As a newer member of the CCRI community, I see such greatness in our students, staff, and faculty. I want to help CCRI unleash the potential in each of us.”

Jenn Harris

Development Director, Office of Institutional Advancement; Warwick, Lincoln

Why I'm involved: "I'm most inspired by the Operating Principle: 'We empower students and believe in their potential'--for me, this is first most important message that we as a community must internalize. We must all be working in service of student achievement and we must refuse any notion that our students can't or won't rise to aspirational goals.”

Ericka Hogan

Enrollment Services Representative, Enrollment Services; Warwick

Why I'm involved: "The operating principles that excites me the most is 'We recognize, value, and maximize the benefits of diversity.' Students, faculty, and staff, each are unique and brings to CCRI valuable information, points of view, experiences, etc. We are a multicultural institution but sometimes we overlook the capabilities of the members of the CCRI community. Being able to recognize, value, and maximize the benefits of diversity will open the doors to a safe environment where each member feel free to express, share, and contribute in order to improve our culture."

Jacqueline Hogan

Administrative Assistant, President's Office; Warwick

Why I'm involved: "I truly believe in CCRI and what we stand for. We meet the needs of our diverse population. As the workforce is changing, we help students acquire necessary knowledge and skills for professional and personal growth."

Maddie Josephs

Department Chair, Allied Health; Lincoln

Why I'm involved: “This Culture Initiative is something that will only improve our processes as they relate to this institution. We are all here for one reason, and that is to ensure we are educating our student population and doing it the best way we can! This includes working collaboratively and collegially towards this common goal.”

Amy Kacerik

Dean of Enrollment Management; Warwick

I am excited to become a member of this CCRI Culture Initiative because I am passionate about the importance of cultivating and supporting a shared vision of a culture of positivity, empowerment and student success. I want to participate in this deliberate effort to collaboratively define guiding principles valued by all members of our CCRI community.

Jane King

Coordinator, Workforce Partnerships; Lincoln

Why I'm involved: "Three reasons why I'm involved with the CCRI Culture Initiative: 1) An organization's culture is its brand. 2) A healthy culture = healthy recruitment, engagement, persistence, retention and growth for all. 3) It's a great way to add my doodle to our big picture."

Michelle Lussier

Program Coordinator Disability Services, Disability Services; Providence

Why I’m involved: “I love being part of the CCRI community and this gives us an amazing opportunity to help shape the place that we work in and create a core set of guiding principles for everyone to follow. When we all work and strive toward the same goal we are empowering ourselves and our students.”

Melissa Macedo

Alumni Relations Officer & Content Manager, Institutional Advancement; Lincoln

Why I'm involved: “I believe in what we are doing at CCRI and am committed making our culture positive and inspiring so that we can serve our students the best way possible."

Ryan J. Mitchner

Director of Workforce Development Program Delivery; Lincoln

Why I'm involved: “Community Colleges have a significant role in the overall vitality of a state. Culture is a major component to the success of an organization. I am involved because the work is interesting and an opportunity to contribute to the State of Rhode Island.”

Jason Moniz

Student Development Counselor, Advising and Counseling; Providence

Why I'm involved: "By working with others towards change, we create the desired result - the inclusive, cohesive, productive organization, reaching new levels of excellence in performance and significance." - Frances Hesselbein

Geraldine Peixoto

Coordinator Student Affairs, Student Affairs; Warwick

Why I'm involved: “I believe in the power of education to change the course of an individual's life. Our students are an important asset in the CCRI community. I feel that creating a culture that is inclusive of these seven operating principles will help CCRI strengthen its community and grow as a college. That is something I want to be part a part of!”

Allison Robinson

Program Coordinator Disability Services, Disability Services; Warwick

Why I'm involved:“The draft operating principle that most excites me is ‘We recognize, value, and maximize the benefits of diversity’ because for me this principle is not only essential to my role here at the college but I also feel that it is fundamental to the institution as a whole if we are to effectively communicate with our students and colleagues.”

Sandra Luzzi Sneesby

Interim Director, Special Projects, Academic Affairs; Warwick

Why I'm involved: "When I first learned about the culture initiative, it resonated with me immediately. To build a workplace culture that is positive, respectful, and supportive with others who want the same, is an extraordinary opportunity. I always look forward to our group's meetings, and find the time together and discussions edifying. This is a such a positive initiative for our college and all who work here and I can't wait for what comes next."

Deb Waston

Associate Director /Office Enrollment Services, Office of Enrollment Services; Newport

Why I'm involved: “I am glad to be a part of the culture initiative. I look forward to having productive conversations and to working to enhance opportunities for students, staff, and faculty that will bring about a more enriched inclusive and creative work environment.”