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Student Advisory Committee

Purpose: Address all matters pertaining to students.

Access committee minutes at bottom of page.

Committee Members
Area Name Term Start Term End
   Academic Department Chair Christine Turenius-Bell (Biology) 2021 2023
   Faculty Representative, FL campus Gaines Tyler (Biology) 2021 2023
   Faculty Representative, KN campus Karen Gowdey (Nursing) 2021 2023
   Faculty Representative, NE campus Shannon Korzeniowski (Nursing) 2021 2023
   Faculty Representative, PV campus Laurie Sherman (English) 2021 2023
   Faculty-at-Large Marilyn Salvatore (Performing Arts) 2021 2023
   Faculty-at-Large Christine Lima (Biology) 2021 2023
Academic Affairs      
   Academic Dean George Hart (LRC) 2021 2023
Student Affairs      
   Dean of Students Michael Cunningham incumbent  
   Representative, Advising and Counseling Jason Moniz 2020 2022
   Representative, Athletics Staff Wendy Pelto 2021 2023
   Representative, Disability Services Michelle Lussier 2020 2022
   Representative, Enrollment Services Deb Watson 2021 2023
   Representative, Student Life Christine Jenkins 2021 2023
   Representative, Success Center Joanne Galliano 2020 2022
   CCRIFA President/Designee Lisa Proffitt (Dental Health) 2021 2023
   Representative, Student Government: FL campus Cassandra Santos 2021 2023
   Representative, Student Government: KN campus Vacant    
   Representative, Student Government: NE campus Vacant    
   Representative, Student Government: PV campus Vacant