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Institutional Accessibility Committee

Purpose:  The Institutional Accessibility Committee is an institutional committee formed to promote an open and welcoming campus climate that is accessible for all persons, including those with disabilities. We are comprised of individuals from all areas of the college, including faculty, staff, and students. The committee strives for a standard of excellence that reaches beyond minimal compliance with federal and state mandates by:

  • Identifying physical, technological, procedural, communicative, instructional, attitudinal, and other barriers to accessibility;
  • Recommending policies and other actions to eliminate barriers and promote the most accessible campus possible;
  • Promoting training and education for college personnel;
  • Serving as a resource to the college community; and
  • Working collaboratively throughout all areas of the college to promote a campus culture that is open, knowledgeable, accessible, and supportive of all persons, including those with disabilities.

Access committee minutes at bottom of page.

Committee Members
Area Name Term Start Term End
   Faculty-at-Large Jana Knibb (Social Sciences) 2021 2023
   Faculty-at-Large Janice Schmitz (Dental Health) 2021 2023
Office of the President      
   Representative Deb Zielinski 2021 2023
Academic Affairs      
   Dean, Health and Rehabilitative Sciences Suzanne Carr incumbent  
   Academic Dean Barbara Naumann (BSTM) 2020 2022
   Assistant Director, Affirmative Action/Title IX and ADA/Section 504 Sybil Bailey Interim  
   Representative, Marketing and Communications Becka Carroll 2021 2023
   Representative, Physical Plant Dave Snow 2021 2023
Finance and Strategy      
   Representative, IT John Vota 2021 2023
Student Affairs      
   Dean of Students Michael Cunningham incumbent  
   Dean, Opportunity and Outreach Program Tracy Karasinski incumbent  
   Representative, Advising and Counseling Monica Ferris 2021 2023
   Representative, Disability Services Allison Hitte-Robinson 2021 2023
   Representative, Enrollment Services Katee Devolve 2021 2023
Workforce Partnerships      
   Representative, Workforce Partnerships Jane King 2021 2023
   CCRIFA President/Designee Lynn Jackson (Human Services) 2021 2023
   Representative, Students Alica Vallette 2020 2022
   Representative, Students  Vacant