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Educational Spaces Committee

Purpose: To collectively evaluate and make recommendations to enhance the appearance of and to ensure that the efficient use of the college's facilities are up to date, effective, safe, comfortable, and reflect the physical, technological, and pedagogical needs that support the faculty, staff and students who utilize them. 

Access committee minutes at bottom of page.

Committee Members
Area Name Term Start Term End
   Academic Department Chair Maddie Josephs (Allied Health) 2021 2023
   Faculty Representative, FL campus Louis Turchetta (Psychology) 2021 2023
   Faculty Representative, KN campus Justin Wang (Social Sciences) 2021 2023
   Faculty Representative, NE campus Kristine Ferro (Nursing) 2021 2023
   Faculty Representative, PV campus Pam Hallene (English) 2021 2023
Academic Affairs      
   Representative, Academic Affairs George Hart (Dean, LRC) 2021 2023
   Representative, Facilities Dave Snow 2021 2023
   Representative, Physical Plant Mark Libutti 2021 2023
Finance and Strategy      
   Representative, Business Office Vacant    
   Representative, IT John Vota 2021 2023
   Representative, IT Sara Horstmann 2021 2023
Student Affairs      
   Representative, Enrollment Services Cathy Picard Tessier 2021 2023
Workforce Partnerships      
   Representative, Workforce Partnerships Beatrice McGeoch 2021 2023
   CCRIFA President/Designee Amanda Petrus (Chemistry) 2021 2023
   Representative, Students Vacant    
   Representative, Students Vacant