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Data Governance Committee

Purpose:To ensure that CCRI relies on the right people involved at the right time using the right data to make the right decisions. Data governance focuses on improving data quality, protecting access to data, establishing business definitions, maintaining metadata, and developing data policies and procedures.

Access committee minutes at bottom of page.

Committee Members
Area Name Term Start Term End
   Faculty-at-Large Andrew Goodman (Art, Art History, and Design) 2021 2023
   Faculty-at-Large Justin Wang (Social Sciences) 2021 2023
Academic Affairs      
   Interim Director, Academic Program Review and Accreditation Lauren Webb incumbent  
   Director, Operations and Information Security Bill Ferland incumbent  
Institutional Advancement      
   Representative Vacant    
Finance and Strategy      
   CIO   incumbent  
   Representative, Finance/Business Office Vacant    
Student Affairs      
   Associate Vice President, Impact and Institutional Effectiveness Greg LaPointe (Chair) incumbent  
   Director, Institutional Research (ex-officio) Phil Gordon incumbent  
   Representative, Enrollment/Records Amy Kacerik 2021 2023
   Representative, Financial Aid Kelly Morrissey 2021 2023
   Representative, Registrar Cathy Picard Tessier 2021 2023
Workforce Partnerships      
   Representative, Workforce Partnerships Deirdre Newbold 2021 2023
   CCRIFA President/Designee Sandra Luzzi Sneesby (English) 2021 2023