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Administrative Technology Committee

Purpose: Provide input to the President's Council with regard to technology related issues, projects, implementation, costs, and priorities.

Access committee minutes at bottom of page.

Committee Members
Area Name Term Start Term End
Academic Affairs      
   Academic Affairs Coordinator Maya Geraldo incumbent  
   Representative, Human Resources Terri-Ann Milligan 2020 2022
Finance and Strategy      
   CIO Vacant    
   Director, MIS Vacant    
   Representative, Controller's Office Dave Rawlinson 2020 2022
Student Affairs      
   Director, Institutional Research Phil Gordon incumbent  
   Representative, Enrollment Services Vacant    
   Representative, Disability Services Kevin Novell 2021 2023
Workforce Partnerships      
   Representative, Workforce Partnerships Liz Giordano 2021 2023
   CCRIFA President/Designee Rongfang Yang (Chemistry) 2021 2023
   Representative, ESPA  Mike McNally (IT) 2021 2023
   Representative, PSA  Aubrey Fletcher (IT) 2021 2023
   Representative, Students Vacant    
   Representative. Students Vacant