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College Governance Committees

Business Committees

  • Strategic Budget and Planning Committee
  • Purpose: The CCRI Strategic Budget and Planning Committee shall provide a transparent and inclusive process for the review of planning, budgeting and assessment of college strategic investments. The Committee shall be advisory to the President. It will ensure that the College community has knowledge and input into resource allocations and strategic investments, affirming that they are guided by the strategic plan and mission of CCRI.

Facilities Committees

  • Educational Spaces Committee
  • Purpose: To collectively evaluate and make recommendations to enhance the appearance of and to ensure that the efficient use of the college's facilities are up to date, effective, safe, comfortable, and reflect the physical, technological, and pedagogical needs that support the faculty, staff and students who utilize them.
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Purpose: To make recommendations towards providing a safe and healthy environment for all campuses, faculty, staff, students and visitors by supporting policies, changes and or procedures for dealing with dangerous or potentially harmful conditions.

Technology Committees

  • Administrative Technology Committee
  • Purpose: Provide input to the President's Council with regard to technology related issues, projects, implementation, costs, and priorities. 

Institutional Planning Committees

  • Data Governance Committee
  • Purpose: To ensure that CCRI relies on the right people involved at the right time using the right data to make the right decisions. Data governance focuses on improving data quality, protecting access to data, establishing business definitions, maintaining metadata, and developing data policies and procedures.
  • Institutional Accessibility Committee
  • Purpose: Formed to ensure an open, welcoming campus climate that is fully accessible for all persons.
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Purpose: Create strategic directions to assist the college in achieving its mission in the context of anticipated complex challenges and opportunities within the next three to five-year period.

Student Affairs Committees

Governance Committees

  • Governance Coordinating Committee
  • Purpose: To ensure compliance with the procedures of the Governance Document, provide guidance to committee Chairs and other members of the college in administering shared governance, serve as a communication hub between and among Governance committees, and provide continuing evaluation of the current governance structure.
  • President's Council