Feb. 1, 2008 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


Subject: Special Meeting Executive Committee Meeting


Friday Feb 1, 2008

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Knight Campus  


The faculty membership is invited to attend. This meeting was not broadcast to the other campuses.


Agenda items:

1.  Report on Status of Negotiations ( both coalition and internal)

2.  Reports from the following committees

      Union Representation  ( NEA or other )

      Scholarship Committee

      PAC Committee

3.  Update on grievances

4.  Union Representation at grievances ( English Dept)

5.  Report on Election results for search committee - ( Dean of A,H,&SS)   


Executive Member Attendees:   Karen Allen, Donald Paquet, John  Ribezzo, Bruce Bennett, Richard Tessier, David Critchett, Debra Lilli, Nick Sevigny, Robert Melucci, Lynda Codega, Jean Billerbeck, Kim Creally-Rouillier, Steve Forleo, David Kaplan, Sandra Megerdichian, Christine Fox, Ramona Skelly, Dick Cardin, Pranab Banerjee, Joseph Garvey, Marge Norquist


Marge reviews the background of the request for Special Meeting.  No changes in the agenda.

Agenda Item 1.  Report on Status of Negotiations ( both coalition and internal)

Joe Garvey - reports on the status of the negotiations.  Feeling is that we are still very far apart. Issues still being discussed salary, hours for load, interpretation of contract and hours, Life Long Learning, overload.  Faculty negotiating team was willing to meet many times between the semester break the administration has been available to meet. Coalition is meeting Feb 5.


Agenda Item 2. Reports from Committees

·         Richard Tessier – reports on the Union Representation survey results.  When faculty was surveyed about the interest in learning about other union representation, the vote was 80 – 10, with 80 in favor of further study of available options.  At Richard’s request, Marge approved the sub-committee's setting up presentations by organizations willing to represent CCRIF as bargaining agents.

No Discussion.

·         Bill Squizzero – Report from Scholarship Committee – there are 12 members of the committee .  Must change from 501C5, must be set to 501C3 to be tax deductable.  Committee will be working on creating bylaws.  There is currently $5,600 in the fund.  Question of  how the bylaws should be approved, Executive Committee or entire faculty .  Joe Garvey comments that the vote should be brought to the entire membership.  Bill explains that we must create a new cooperation – CCRIFA Scholarship Fund and this cooperation must be set up as a cooperation and have bylaws. 


·         Steve Forleo – PAC  Committee Update on the gate situation.  Jeanette comments that VP Shea has said that the institution has no desire to track faculty. Also, comments again about data being erased once a week.  Jeanette has encouraged Bob Shea to investigate MAP B.   Question about True Outcomes software and comment  was  “Not Mandatory”.   Jeanne Mullany getting it  adapted to our system.

Agenda Item 3.   Update on Grievances 

·         Joe Garvey – Travel grievance has been solved.  VP Shea has said faculty will pay the travel for faculty teaching courses on campuses other than the ones that they were assigned. Vouchers should be submitted on a month by month basis.

·         Performance Based Bonus has been solved.  People who were promoted in Jan 2007 will get the entire PBB.  The remainder of the $$ will be paid as an honorarium. Faculty will get these $$ in Feb or March check.


Agenda Item 4.   Union Representatives at  Grievances  ( English Department)

Grievance was heard on Jan 28th. 

Discussion of interpretation of contract language.  3 groups are impacted:  ESL, READING and  Theater. Lela’s interpretation – faculty must go to 15 contact  hours-.       

Don Paquet - Motion to move to next item on the agenda –

Dave Critchett  Moved that the Executive Committee direct the president of the faculty association to follow both our bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order as written.

Marge ruled this out of order.

Dave appealed the ruling. 

Vote of 15-4 upheld the President’s ruling.

Don’ s Motion   to move to next agenda  item is approved.


Agenda Item 5.   Report on Election results for search committee - ( Dean of A,H,&SS)   

Karen Allen ; Secretary Report – Election Results: 

3 Chairperson Candidates  elected to serve on the committee include Kate Dunnigan (39 votes), Ray Kilduff (29 votes) and Alicia Lyon (28 votes).

3 Faculty Member candidates  elected to serve on the committee include Dorcas Haller ( 19 votes),  Susan Apshaga (18 votes) and Carol Panaccione (16 votes).

Dick Cardin  – Move to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40PM.


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