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Jennifer E. Hurrell


Fall/Spring Office Hours

Monday  12pm  - 6pm
Tuesday   8am  - 5pm
Thursday 12pm - 6pm

If a student is making a special trip to Newport to drop in for office hours they should

consider making advanced contact to schedule an appointment

Additional Information (Links)


  • RHAB 1100: Foundational Kinesiology
  • RHAB 1110: Kinesiology
  • PHTA 1120: Tests & Measurements for PTAs
  • PHTA 1020: Physical Therapist Assistant II
  • PHTA 2910: Clinical Education I
  • PHTA 2920: Clinical Education II
  • PHTA 2930: Clinical Education III
  • OCTA 2030: Fieldwork IIA
  • OCTA 2035: Fieldwork IIB
  • TMSG 2020: Therapeutic Massage Fieldwork I
  • TMSG 2030: Therapeutic Massage Fieldwork II

SPECIAL NOTICE – February 2012 PBHS Open Application Period:
PBHS applications may be submitted from Wednesday, February 1st through Wednesday, February 29th. All applications accepted during the open application period are treated the same. Thus, a student who applies on February 1st versus a student who applies on February 29th, DOES NOT HAVE AN ADVANTAGE. The official PBHS application review process begins after February 29th.

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