CRN# 11865 - MUSC 1210D - 001

Associated Term: Spring 2017 
Levels: Undergraduate

Dr. Joseph Amante, instructor and organization advisor [email protected]

Knight Campus rm. 0562 - Warwick Campus 
Lecture Schedule Type 
1.000 Credits


Audition and consent of instructor

Course Description:

An auditioned ensemble performing choral works drawn from all style periods.  It is a “hands-on” course with repertoire that may include motets, anthems, large works, folk songs, and spirituals.  Performance experiences may include concerts and trips. 

Goals and Outcomes:

Provide students with an opportunity to discover the singing instrument and develop skills related to singing choral music

  • Acquire/develop skills in music reading, tonal memory and stage presence
  • Develop uniformity of  phonetics and group effort
  • Develop awareness of the rhythmic relationship between notes in its application to selected repertoire
  • Learn to sing properly and expressively based on techniques in diaphragmatic breathing, proper tone production, clear diction and the stylistic interpretation of selected repertoire.
  • To act as ambassadors for the CCRI Department of Performing Arts

Discover cultural awareness through the preparation and performance of repertoire in other languages and types of choral literature.


All members must attend every weekly rehearsal, Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-3:45 p.m.  Students are advised to record rehearsals for music learning.  Students must come prepared, having learned their parts between rehearsals.

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