This course is designed to meet the needs for any current or potential practitioner of nursing whose responsibilities include the safe administration of medications to clients within diverse clinical settings. A working knowledge of dosage calculations are necessary within any given medication administration system, today. Information related to systems of measurements and conversions within these systems will be presented. This course will help the health care profession to calculate dosages accurately and with increased confidence and decreased math anxiety. This will ensure the safe administration of medications which is the primary responsibility of nurses.

3 Credits

Prerequisite for HEAL 1060:  Completion of MATH 0500 with grade of B or better; or Demonstrate competency of MATH 0500 with a score of 65 or above on the Arithmetic Section of Accuplacer.

HEAL 1060 Requirements for Acceptance into Nursing: Completion of HEAL 1060 with a grade of B or better

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Last Updated: 6/15/20