Health 1060 - Dosage Calculations for Medication Administration

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to meet the needs for any current or potential practitioner of nursing whose responsibilities include the safe administration of medications to clients within diverse clinical settings. A working knowledge of dosage calculations is necessary within any given medication system today. Information related to systems of measurements and conversions within these systems will be presented. This course will help the health care professional to calculate dosages accurately and with increased confidence and decreased math anxiety. This will ensure the safe administration of medications which is a primary responsibility of nurses.


By the end of this course, the student will:

  1. Verbalize a decrease in Math Anxiety.
  2. Calculate Dosages for Medications with confidence.
  3. Identify common measurements utilized in calculations for Medication administration.
  4. Read and interpret Medication labels correctly.
  5. Read and interpret Medication orders correctly.
  6. Demonstrate accurate dosage calculations for Medication Administration
  7. Explain the importance of accurate calculations during Medication Administration.
  8. Explain the role of the Nurse in accurately calculating for Medication Administration.

TEXT:   Pickar, Gloria D. & Abernethy, Amy P., Dosage Calculations, 8th edition, New York:     Thomson Delmar Learning, 2008.
FACULTY:  Sandra Megerdichian M.S., R.N.,  Associate Professor of Nursing                                       Email:
On Line Chats and Office Hours: By Appointments and To be announced



  1. Weekly quizzes will be scheduled per syllabus.  Practice quizzes are available and students are encouraged to complete them.  Practice quizzes are not a calculated component of a student's grade.
  2. Quizzes will be available from Monday 12 AM until Sunday 11:55 PM
  3. The MIDTERM Exam will be administered on 6/3/09 - time and location to be announced.
  4. The FINAL EXAM will be administered on 6/24/09 - time and location to be announced.
  5. Students must schedule midterm and final exam times with instructor via email one week in advance.
  6. Calculators should not be used for Quizzes 1-5 and will not be permitted for the midterm exam as it is imperative to demonstrate mastery of basic math.  Basic, non-programmable calculators may be used for Quizzes 6-10 and the Final Exam.

  7. A grade of B is the prerequisite requirement for entrance into the CCRI Nursing Program.

  8. The COURSE GRADE will be calculated as follows:  QUIZ AVERAGE - 40%, MIDTERM EXAM - 30%, FINAL EXAM 30%.

  9. The grading system for the CCRI Nursing Program will be followed:

A =  91 - 100
B =  81 - 90
C =  75 - 80
D =  70 - 74
=   0 - 69

HOMEWORK:  Homework is assigned weekly but is not a calculated component of a student's grade.  Completion of homework promotes success and generally reflects a student's grade.  Homework is practice and promotes fluency.  Fluency is what you strive for with dosage calculations.  Students are encouraged to do more than the posted assignments and there are plenty of practice problems in the textbook. 

ACADEMIC HONESTY: Academic cheating, plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty are serious offenses. Cheating will result in dismissal from this class.  Nursing is a noble and honorable profession. If the temptation to cheat overcomes you, please consider the patients you may someday serve.

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