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Missed Exam, Quiz, or Graded Homework Policy for Lecture Classes

If you know in advance that you will be missing a quiz or an exam, it is your responsibility to schedule a make-up with me at a time that is mutually convenient to both our schedules.  As a general rule, the make-ups to these assignments will be given before the rest of the due date for the rest of the class.Of course, life being what it is, sometimes we are given little warning that we will be forced to miss an assignment.  If this should happen to you, the grade of 0 will temporarily be entered for you under that assignment in my grade book.  This has happened frequently enough with other student that I have devised the following plan to replace these 0’s.


For Quizzes:  At the end of the semester, my electronic grade book will automatically replace your lowest Quiz grade with the average of your other Quiz grades.  (see NOTE 1)
For Graded Homework:  At the end of the semester, my electronic grade book will automatically replace your lowest Graded Homework grade with the average of your other Graded Homework grades. (see NOTE 1)
For Exams:  The Final Exam will be divided into clearly labeled sections corresponding with the exams that were given during the semester.  FIO you do better on a make-up section of the Final than you did on the original test, your grade on the make-up will be used to replace the original test grade.  In this way, you can make-up all of the exams given during the semester.  Unfortunately, the converse does not occur (You cannot let your grades on the hourly exams replace your grade on the Final).   
The school policy is that once a Final Exam has been taken the instructor must assign a letter grade to the student.  By offering you the “miracle of the final” described above, the school’s policy would require that I assign a D or F grade should the make-up sections of the final not turn your grade around.  I would feel guilty doing this to you after dangling this carrot before your eyes.  As a result, I am willing to assign you the WP (Withdrew while passing) or the WF (Withdrew while failing) grade even after you have taken the Final Exam.  To protect me, I request that if you are in danger of getting a D or F, that you write me an e-mail prior to taking the Final giving me permission to assign the WF or WP if you do not get a passing grade.  The WP and WF grades work the same as the W grade in you GPA – none of them get averaged into the GPA.  The W is a grade you have to apply for much earlier than the week of the Final Exam.
NOTE 1:  If you happen to do poorly on more than one quiz or graded homework, this dispensation only replaces one grade from each category with the average of the other.