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Speaking Anxiety

Sites Explanation of Resource
Facing the Fear This article geared to public speaking instructor  provides an overview of speaking anxiety and some possible methods for helping students deal with it.
How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear Dr. Morton C. Ormand presents tips on conquering fear of public speaking situations.
How to Breathe Properly Lisa B. Marshall explains how breathing properly can help speakers deal with anxiety.
Social Anxiety Home Page SocialAnxiety.com addresses Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Shyness, Public Speaking Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, Social Skills, Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attack, School Phobias and Learning Disabilities.
Business Resources: Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking Resource list begins with sites related to public speaking and anxiety but continues with some general speech resources.
Taking Center Stage: Coping with Public Speaking Anxiety This University of Wisconsin-Stout site defines public speaking anxiety, provides some examples of it, and shares some tips with overcoming anxiety.
Overcoming Speaking Anxiety in Meetings & Presentations Lenny Laskowski presents some common-sense tips.
Overcome the Fear of Speaking to Groups Ron Kurtus explores why people so afraid of public speaking,  ways to overcome this fear, and how people can apply those methods.
Communication Apprehension Website Although dated, this site presents a collection of links associated with anxiety, including activities, resources, media links, etc.
Public Speaking (or how to enjoy presentations) This Uncommon Knowledge site offers a 7-part article (with lots of ads) on how to deal with public speaking anxiety. Whether or not people will actually enjoy giving presentations after reading this article is yet to be determined.

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