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General Resources

Sites Explanation of Resource
National Communication Association This NCA site offers a panoramic view of the communication discipline.
McLennan Community College Links The Speech Department at McLennan Community College offers a collection of links: communication ethics; communication process; corporate, cultural, gender, health, and interpersonal communication; listening, oral language style, persuasion, preparation....
Great Online Speech Activities While not recently updated, this site includes links to various sources regarding public speaking, listening, interpersonal, and intercultural communication.
Kurylo's Communication Links Index Comprehensive site that lists dozens of web sites on a variety of communication topics.
Allyn  & Bacon Public Speaking Website This website contains six modules that students can use along with the public speaking  textbook to learn about the process of public speaking and to help them prepare presentations.
The Art of Public Speaking This Stephen E. Lucas site provides relevant links and helpful tips to students about giving a speech. While this site is geared to another text, the information presented is valid and usable.
The Art of Speaking in Public While the title of this site is similar to the one above, this site is "manned" by one person. He claims that "contents of this web site are recommended resources by many esteemed organizations and educational institutions all over the world. Every single tip given here, has been used by me for years, so I am sure they'd be helpful to you too." You be the judge. 
Speaking Resources: Succeed in Public Speaking This page is a general resource on public speaking topics:  fear of speaking, business presentations, resources, and so on. The link to anecdotes to use in speeches is especially easy to use. If anecdotes are what you need, check out Anecdotage.com. An anecdote will pop up, but  then you can conduct your own topic/anecdote search.
Public Speaking Resource Center This publisher site provides information to students regarding public speaking.
A Guide to Public Speaking Voices.com provides some helpful hints for giving a presentation.
Six Minutes: Speaking and Presentation Skills This page is a an archive of articles by the editor and founder of Six Minutes, Andrew Dlugan,  who  is also an award-winning speaker and speech evaluator.
Speech Topics This site by Bedford St. Martin publishers provides a variety of topics categorized by purposes: inform, persuade, special occasion.
Hot Paper Topics This O'Keefe Library site lists some controversial "hot" paper topics that will work will for speeches too.
Demonstration Speech Topics Find some "how to" topics here as well as a sample outline for a demonstration speech.
Speech Tips This site includes some quick tips on how to prepare a speech.
Dave's Guide to Speechwriting According to Dave, this site "is a resource of advice on the step by step process of speech writing, the synthesis of "speakable prose" (as opposed to readable prose), the use of oratorical devices, and presentation tips.  I've also included a few samples of competitive and graduation speeches to illustrate the methods discussed."
Public Speaking and Communication Resources This site provides "resources for building and preparing effective oral communications."
SpeechWriter 2.0 with Fletcher Dean Read speech-related news, such as "McChrystal Speech a Model of Eloquence" from July 30, 2010.
Studying Great Speeches School for Champions uses "great" speeches as a means to teach speech basics.

Washington Speechwriters

Get some advice, tips, and speech examples from this "casual alliance of speechwriters in the Washington, D.C. area who are interested in professional camaraderie, sharpening skills, sharing resources, and exchanging war stories."
Using Transitions This Learning Resource Center sites lists some common transitional devices.
The Critical Thinking Community
Critical Thinking on the Web
Both sites provide resources for information and sites related to critical thinking.
Research Aids The companion website for Gregory Hamilton's Public Speaking for College and Career provides information about where to find material, electronic search options, free internet multi-media material, and website evaluation.
Computerized Speech Writer According to the site's author, "I have programmed a computerized speech writer that you can use to outline a simple speech." Check it out if outlining and organizing is a problem for you.
Advanced Public Speaking Institute Various articles related to all aspects of public speaking can be accessed at this site.
Corporate Conference Calls A collection of resources provide information on how to "manage speech anxiety, prepare a speech and deliver it with style and confidence."
The CMU Pronunciation Dictionary The Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary is a machine-readable pronunciation dictionary for North American English that contains over 125,000 words and their transcriptions.
Soyouwanna.com Despite some annoying popups, this site reviews the tips involved in preparing and presenting a speech.
Delivery Tips SpeechTips.com presents some delivery tips.
Using Note cards This Flash movie reviews the basics of creating and using note cards. It includes a review quiz at the end.
Nonverbal Behavior, Nonverbal Communication A directory of materials and websites devoted to nonverbal communication developed and maintained by Professor Jaue Masip, Department of Social Psychology and Anthropology, University of Salamanca, Spain.
Speaking Five Ways to Make Your Body Speak by Lenny Laskowski Practical delivery advice from Lenny.
Aristotle's Rhetoric  "Welcome to the online version of Aristotle's Rhetoric . These hypertext pages are based on the 1954 translation of noted classical scholar W. Rhys Roberts."
Rhetoric and Composition Offers a variety of resources relevant to classical rhetoric.

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