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Sites Explanation of Resource
Persuasive Speaking Overview This Saskatchewan Education site contains an overview of persuasive speaking, including purposes of persuasion, topics, formats, and how to listen to persuasive communication.
Speech Gems Speech Gems, a company specializing in communication tools, gives a quick summary of persuasive speaking techniques.
Research Questions: Persuasion Suggestive list of controversial topics, prepared by Professor Kay Smith of Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida.
Fallacies Dr. Michael C. Labossiere presents explanations and examples of 42 errors in reasoning.
Toulmin Model of Argument The Toulmin Project Home Page, created by Charles Soukup and Scot Titsworth of the University of Nebraska and Lincoln, offers a substantial introduction to Toulmin's popular model of argumentation.
Influence at Work Provides an in-depth but readable introduction to social influence, persuasion, and propaganda.
Propaganda Analysis Professor Aaron Delwiche's site that focuses on propaganda techniques, with examples from World War II as well as more contemporary applications.
Mission: Critical Professor David Mesher's interactive site containing explanations and exercises about the basic concepts of critical thinking.
Argumentation and Critical Thinking An interactive tutorial with tests developed by Jay VerLinden, professor of communication at Humboldt state University.
Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies Professor Steven Downes' "fallacies online" site, with extensive information on critical thinking, logic, and fallacies.
The Fallacy Files An interactive site containing an extensive collection of fallacies and bad argument, with definitions and examples

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