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Heidi A. Josephson

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 As a Student Development Counselor, I provide support to students in the form of:  

  • Academic advising and help with course selection for each semester. 
  • Major choices at CCRI, and Health major admission requirements.
  • Registration, course requirements, testing, and transfer information for local colleges. 
  • Academic financial aid eligibility rules and appeal processes.
  • Short-term personal counseling. 

As your Student Development Counselor, I offer various office hours including Virtual Drop-ins, On-campus Walk-ins, and Booked appointments (virtual and on-campus) to meet the needs of all my assigned students. Click here to log into Starfish and schedule an appointment with your assigned Advisor.

BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Government & Economics, Lehigh University.  

MIB (MBA) in International Business, Norwegian School of Economics.  

M.Ed. Psychology - Counseling, Springfield College

CGS - Advanced Clinical Counseling, RI College