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Community College of Rhode Island

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Name Department E-Mail Address Telephone
LaFrenniere, Jeffrey Physical Plant 333-7014
Lamanna, Linda Student Affairs 333-7304
Lambrou, Patricia Information Technology/User Support 333-7107
Lapre, Dawn Office Services 333-7215
Lavoie, Margaret Mathematics 825-2256
LeCourt, Jason Physical Plant 825-2118
Lewis, Diane Office of Enrollment Services 333-7098
Lewis, Patricia Purchasing 8252080
L'Heureux, Paul Physical Plant 333-7048
Littlejohn, Antoinette Advising and Counseling 825-2306
Logan, Timothy Physical Plant 333-7048
Lonergan, Richard Security 825-2109
Lourenco, Michelle Accounts Payable 825-2245
Mackin, John Security 333-7035
Mageau, Norman Security 825-2109
Maldonado, Lonnie Nursing 851-1673
Marracco, Gregory Engineering and Technology  
Martelli, Angela Security  
Marzilli, Carol English 825-2262
McClintock, Cynthia Nursing 825-2162
McConaghy, Nancy Enrollment Services/Admissions & Records 333-7093
McDonald, Kelly Physical Plant 333-7014
McLaughlin, Diane Enrollment Services 825-2004
McNally, Michael Information Technology/User Support 825-2412
McShane, Lynn Dental Health/Hygiene 333-7330
Mellor, Ralph Physical Plant 825-2115
Mendez, Adriana Educational Opportunity Center 455-6028
Miller, Pamela Enrollment Services  
Moore, Kathi Advising & Counseling  
Morra, Patricia Chemestry 333-7152
Mournighan, Roberta Administrative Office Technology 333-7378
Murphy, Kerry Biology 851-1615
Murray, John Security 333-7035
Murray-Barclay, Zelma Access to Opportunity 825-2422
Nacci, Lorraine Advising & Counseling 333-7160
Namaka, Eileen Art 333-7154
Narcisse, Marjorie Enrollment Services 825-2003
Nicholoson, Michael Physical Plant 825-2110
Notarpippo, Teresa Enrollment Services 851-
Nunez, Manuel Physical Plant 825-2026
O'Brien, Patricia Enrollment Services/Financial Aid 825-2468
O'Neill Kane, Joanne Enrollment Services 333-7301
Ogrodnik, Ellen Human Services 825-2271
Oliver, Colleen  Enrollment Services 825-2003
O'Neill Kane, Joanne Enrollment Services 333-7301
O'Reilly, Deanna Athletics 825-2405
Pacheco, William Physical Plant  
Palmieri, William Physical Plant  825-2360
Papagolos, Maureen Business 333-7385
Parr, Wendy Advising & Counseling  825-2221
Pelski, Charlene Engineering and Technology 825-2156
Pennacchia, Cynthia Center for Workforce & Community Education 333-7333
Peters, Jodi Bookstore 851-1610
Phillips, Christopher Physical Plant 333-7048
Pierce, Wayne Physical Plant 825-1169
Plante, Paul Physical Plant 825-2110
Potvin, Jean Human Services 333-7290
Procaccini, Thomas Advising & Counseling 333-1634
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Physical Plant  333-7048 

Last Updated: 6/24/15