Frequently Asked Questions

OneCCRI is this this year's professional development day. We're using a new format for this annual event and wanted to provide answers to common questions about OneCCRI. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact co-chairs Lizzie Pollock and Julie Galleshaw.

Why did you change PDD? 

We're trying something different this year for a few reasons. After last year's Professional Development Day we heard:

  • Participants most appreciate the opportunity interact with their colleagues.
  • Both staff and faculty felt that they had a hard time finding breakout sessions that were relevant to them and their work. 
  • They wanted more variety and healthy options for lunch!

Our community of staff and faculty come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, which can make it challenging to offer enough specific content to meet everyone's needs. So this year we're planning an event that brings everyone together for learning, skill-building and connecting around issues and ideas that everyone can apply to their work. 

Finally, through the CCRI culture initiative, which has engaged hundreds of employees in conversations about the culture at CCRI, we have heard that faculty and staff are eager for opportunities to break down silos. This event is one way we can build stronger relationships and discuss ways we can be more collaborative in our work to serve our students. 

Why are you hiring facilitators to run this event? 

The Medici Group, our partners for OneCCRI, runs daylong professional development opportunities at all kinds of organizations, including community colleges and other public higher education institutions. They are experts in creating environments that help members of large institutions come together, collaborate and problem-solve. Employees at CCRI continually share that they want more opportunities to work across divisions and departments. The Medici Group is an excellent resource for us to learn and grow and, most importantly, make positive connections with one another. 

In addition, we are working to create yearlong opportunities for faculty and staff to present and learn from one another.  If you had a topic in mind that you had hoped to present at PDD, please email Lizzie Pollock with information. If you are a faculty member, please contact Karen Kortz about CITLA's Spring Symposium, which will feature faculty presenters. 

What will the day be like?

OneCCRI will be an interactive, fun and high-energy day! You can find the agenda here, but read on for an overview.

After checking in at OneCCRI, participants can grab breakfast and have a seat in the Great Hall, which is where we'll spend the day together. After some welcoming remarks from CCRI leadership, we'll turn it over to the Medici Group facilitators to run the day. One of the first activities will be for us to form groups of five to six people; the facilitators will give us instructions for how to do this. 

The facilitators will teach us their approach to collaboration and problem-solving through the lens of diversity and inclusion. They'll do some speaking but most of the day will involve having the groups engage in exercises and discussions. 

OneCCRI will also include three Lightning Talks, which will be brief presentations from CCRI employees about major initiatives at the college, as well as a Fireside Chat with President Hughes. 

Who is planning OneCCRI?

A fabulous group of employees is working together to plan OneCCRI. Julie Galleshaw, Dental Health, and Lizzie Pollock, associate director of employee engagement and organizational effectiveness, are co-chairs. The  members of the committee are listed below: 

  • Michael Archetto, Physical Plant
  • Sue Barrett, Admissions
  • Becka Carroll, Marketing
  • Kristen Cyr, Marketing
  • Phil Gordon, Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Eileen James, English
  • Jane King, Workforce Partnerships
  • Jamie McCutcheon, Student Affairs
  • Terri-Ann Milligan, Human Resources
  • Deirdre Newbold, Workforce Partnerships
  • Stephanie Simon, Information Technology
  • Sean Teixeira, Information Technology 
  • John Vota, Information Technology
  • Karina Wood, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

What will be there to eat?

OK, no one has asked this, but we're pretty excited about the food! Breakfast will include some great options, including healthy ones. Lunch will include food stations including a taco bar, soup and salad, and others. 


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Last Updated: 3/25/19