Personal Stories

Picture of Deana Waite Deana Waite - Who would have thought that my path to a successful, productive life, and current role as an Instructional Program Manager for the Adult Education Program at Florida State College at Jacksonville would begin with me passing my GED® exam and earning a high school equivalency diploma in Providence, Rhode Island where finishing high school seemed pointless and paled to the excitement of living the fast life. [Read more about Deana]

Picture of Jean Nsabumuremyi Jean Nsabumuremyi - At the age of twenty-four I came to Rhode Island Educational Opportunity Center (RIEOC) office after I arrived in the United States. Before my settlement in Rhode I had spent twelve years of my life in different countries [Read more about Jean]


Picture of Anthony Carrion Anthony Carrion - I graduated from ALP’s summer program in 1993. Still young, I allowed myself to be distracted by what was going on around me. For two years I did nothing productive. I knew that I was moving in the wrong direction [Read more about Anthony]

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