About Engineering Transfer

Associate in Science Degree (A.S.)

Successful completion of this program enables qualified students to transfer to an accredited engineering curriculum and apply most credits to a Bachelor of Science in engineering. This program provides a firm background in basic engineering principles. The curriculum includes a strong foundation in mathematics, the basic sciences and engineering fundamentals, as well as a good portion of liberal arts courses required by most Bachelor of Science degrees. 

 Entrance to the program requires a mathematics placement examination at a pre-calculus level (student is ready to take CCRI Calculus I, MATH 1910)or the completion of CCRI Pre-calculus (MATH 1900). It is recommended that all applicants take the mathematics placement examination prior to the summer session. 

 For courses to transfer to accredited engineering programs, it is important that students adhere to the required prerequisites and corequisites. When in doubt refer to the course descriptions.

 Although most courses apply to the curriculum of many B.S. in engineering programs, the course sequences and schedule listed on the following pages will allow students to apply their studies toward on of nine University of Rhode Island engineering programs. These course sequence is for full-time day students, allowing them to complete the Associate in Science degree requirements at CCRI in four semesters and transfer to the University of Rhode Island as a junior. For the first semester, all engineering students take all the same courses. In all other semesters, the required courses will depend upon the desired engineering program. For most engineering programs, students are required to take courses only offered by URI. For CCRI students taking 12 or more credits, up to seven of these credits can be taken per semester at URI under the inter-institutional agreement at no additional cost. (See description of the agreement on page 31 of the catalog.)

Contact Information

Basile Panoutsopoulos, Ph.D. 
Coordinator: Engineering and Technology Programs 
Assistant Professor
Knight Campus: Room 2210 

Jody Robinson, PE
Associate Professor
Knight Campus: Room 2186 

Last Updated: 2/21/19