Change to course codes:
Old Name New Name
ETEK-1000 CNVT-1000
ETEK-2350 CNVT-1010
ETEK-1500 CNVT-1200
CSCO-1850 CNVT-1810
CSCO-1860 CNVT-1820
CSCO-1870 CNVT-1830
CSCO-1880 CNVT-1840
CSCO-2010 CNVT-2010
CSCO-2030 CNVT-2030
CSCO-2060 CNVT-2060
CSCO-2050 CNVT-2100
CSCO-1990 CNVT-2200
ETEK-2100 CNVT-2300
ETEK-2110 CNVT-2310

Contact Information

Kevin Crawford
Knight Campus
Room 2146
Tel: 401-825-1149

John Mowry
Knight Campus
Room 2126
Tel: 401-825-2138

Tony Rashid
Knight Campus
Room 2182
Tel: 401-825-1140

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