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We are passionate about practicing a culture of design, assessment and reflection that is focused on evidence of impact. is available to provide support and guidance to improve teaching strategies and tools for determining whether they are being achieved. 

  • Build your courses by closely examining teaching and learning research for the purpose of iterative improvement.
  • Reflect on your teaching practice, articulate your intentions, and be open to re-examining your assumptions.
  • Apply different frameworks and andragogy that will improve student engagement and success, like Backward Design or Universal Design for Learning.

Measure is not for external validation or evaluation of your teaching, nor is it intended to replace existing processes. We hope you will find these resources prepare you to participate in those conversations and enable you to speak to your practice with others.

Course Design Review plans to pilot an online course design review process based on the SUNY Online Course Quality Review rubric OSCQR. If you would like to learn more or participate in the pilot, visit Course Design Review. logo