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Refresh Your Remote Teaching

Thank you for joining us for the Refresh Your Remote Teaching Event.

The event recordings are available by date and workshop title.  Additional resources continue to be added as they become available.

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Workshops Recordings and Resources

The Writing Center - Dr. Karen Petit

Dr. Karen Petit, the CCRI Writing Center Coordinator, will talk about the writing center's tutoring services and online resources. The CCRI Writing Center helps students with online resources, in-person tutoring, and online tutoring.

Why Does a Community College Need a Social Worker - Shanna Wells

Come spend an informative hour with Shanna Wells, the Coordinator of Community and Social Resources (CSR) at CCRI, and learn about who CSR serves, how they serve them, and what you can do to help your students persist until completion.

Supporting Students with Reasonable Academic Accommodations in a Remote Learning Environment

DSS staff welcome the opportunity to work with faculty to support students who have academic accommodations. We will discuss the process for students to access accommodations, student and faculty responsibilities and rights and best practices while working online with DSS students.

Here to Help - Joanne Galliano

The Student Success Center is eager to assist faculty members in their efforts to help students meet classroom and program expectations. Learn about the college’s Tutoring and Academic Coaching programs and how to request an organizational or study strategy workshop for your classes.

Making Your Course Digitally Accessible - Mish McIntyre

At CCRI we are committed to providing an inclusive learning community that is accessible to all learners. As an instructor, it is your responsibility to ensure that all students have equal access to your course content. By following WCAG guidelines and reducing the amount of content in your course that is marked inaccessible by Ally, you are increasing success in all student demographics.

Synchronous Strategies - Mish McIntyre

Converting your lecture to a synchronous format is a multistep process in Blackboard. Learn a few effective practices for Synchronous sessions and set policies that will support student success. Explore how to chunk your content and activities to keep student engaged. Learn about low stakes quizzing to support your lecture. Understand how sharing your lecture notes and/or collaborative notetaking can help support student learning.

Flipped Remote Classroom - Mish McIntyre

Keep students engaged by flipping your synchronous classroom.  Add pre-recorded lectures and quizzes each week, so students can collaborate and complete hands-on activities during class meetings.  Utilize strategies such as role-play, case-studies, debate, presentations, jigsaws or fishbowl during class to keep student actively learning and interacting.

Library Services During Remote Start -  James Austin and Katie Holcomb

Faculty and students will still have full access to all library services while the college transitions to remote classes.  Join us to learn more about how to connect with librarians and access library services during the remote start of Spring semester.  We also plan to discuss the several ways to incorporate information literacy and library instruction in your remote or even asynchronous classes.

Using Zoom for Student Engagement - John Vota

This workshop will investigate settings and tools that maximize the flexibility of Zoom.  See how Zoom integrates with Blackboard into your course. Learners will explore polling and setting up Break Out Rooms as well as other features.

Inclusive Synchronous Practices - Mish McIntyre

Learn how to build community quickly in your synchronous classroom and keep students showing up by employing inclusive practices that help students feel like they belong.  Explore how adding student voices to your course will increase student engagement. Examine how VoiceThread will turn your lecture videos and recording into interactive discussions.

Scaffolding in the Remote Learning Classroom -  Tim Anderson

Teaching through video conferencing or blended classrooms requires students to be proficient in how to use tools such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, and collaborative worksheets. In this workshop, we will create a plan for scaffolding in relation to the use of collaborative video conferencing tools so that students can achieve the highest level of success.