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Learning Design Center

Don't Miss CCRI's Summer of PD!

The Learning Design Center offers an ecosystem of professional development for the CCRI educational community in support of strong learning experiences focused on innovative and effective practices in teaching and learning.

Caring Campus Initiative

Get out of the sun and take a deep dive to increase student success in your courses. Join your colleagues for the Caring Campus Summer Institute in June or August.These highly personalized workshops are a chance for you to share your voice and hear from faculty across the College on inclusive practices.

Four hands-on workshops in 2 days! Lunch and snacks are included!


  1. Welcoming Students
  2. Learn and Use Student Names
  3. Designing a Transparent & Inclusive Syllabus
  4. Get Started with Early & Often Assessment and Feeback
  • August 1 & 9, 12 pm - 4 pm

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Effective Practices in Teaching Online

Bring your computer to the beach and let's get you certified!

Learn more than 50 effective strategies for teaching asynchronous online courses. Summer registration is now available for a 6-week cohort.

June 6 - July 11

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Call for Application: Blended Active Learning

LDC is offering a new collaborative learning experience for the 2022-2023 academic year. The FLC will investigate and implement blended learning practices which may include hybrid, HyFlex, flipped classroom, project-based, and others. Seats are going fast!

Filling Fast!

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