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Grading Online with Blackboard

Once you begin collecting assignments, discussions, and quizzes in Blackboard, the Grade Center will actively track assessments from students, auto-grade some test questions and keep track of student contributions for you.

Watch the webinar Mastering the Grade Center.

1. Learn about Grade Center

  1. Watch a video overview about the Grade Center interface and navigation.
  2. To grade assessments, learn more about Needs Grading interface and navigation.
  3. Understand how to hide and show grade columns in the Grade Center. You can also watch this video about hiding columns.
  4. Learn how to reorder columns in the Grade Center.
  5. Try grading from the Full Grade Center and grade attempts.
  6. You might need to add a column to the Grade Center. Learn how to add a manual column.

2. Grading Assignments

  1. Learn how to grade assignments using the Inline Grading Tool.
  2. Watch a video on how to grade assignments.
  3. Try using audio and video feedback to cut down your grading workload.

  4. Send a reminder to students who have not yet submitted their assignments.

3. Grading Discussions

  1. Make sure to turn on grading for your discussion forums.
  2. You can grade a student's contribution by forum or all at once.

4. Grading Tests

  1. Send a reminder to students who have not yet submitted their tests.
  2. Grade tests from the Needs Grading page.
  3. Learn how to grade tests from the testing page.
  4. You can also grade tests by question.
  5. Made a typo? Was the question worded poorly? Change the value of a test question.

4. Building Total and Weighted Total Columns

  1. Calculated columns can be added to any Grade Center.
  2. Just adding up points in your course? Use a Total column in Grade Center.
  3. Averaging, dropping the lowest, or totaling categories in your course? Use a Weighted Column.

5. Building Rubrics for Assessments

  1. Learn about the Rubric tool and how to create rubrics for inline grading of assignments.
  2. Watch Creating and Using Rubrics webinar.