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We are

We are passionate about serving the CCRI educational community.

We champion a community-centered transformative teaching and learning ecosystem which is data-driven, evidence-focused and action-oriented to positively impact student retention, engagement, access and success by:

  • Engaging the educational community with diverse professional development opportunities.
  • Inspiring excellence through authentic experiences and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Advocating for high quality student-centered active learning in all modalities and learning spaces.
  • Fostering inclusive educational environments, robust with academic discourse and collaboration.
  • Practicing a culture of design, assessment and reflection that is focused on evidence of impact.

Our Team

Karen BellnierKaren Bellnier

Karen Bellnier, Director of Instructional Technology and Online Learning at the Community College of Rhode Island, is focused on effective teaching and the role that technology can play in reaching teaching and learning goals. Karen develops and implements online learning program strategy and builds consensus around online policy.  Karen also designs faculty professional development across the institution.

Karen is passionate about the transformative power of effective learning design and the critical role of faculty in the achievement of CCRI’s goals of access, equity, and student success. Karen has been designing learning experiences for over two decades, mostly recently in higher education and before that in museums exhibit and program development. Karen has master’s degrees in psychology and in educational technology leadership. Karen is active in multiple committees on campus including Distance Learning Advisory Committee, Academic Computing Committee, Academic Quality Assessment Committee, and the Culture Task Force.

Karen is located in KN 4560, can be reached by phone at 401.825.1033 and email [email protected].

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Mish McIntyreMish McIntyre

Mish McIntyre, Instructional Designer, develops professional faculty development opportunities for CCRI faculty and provides coaching around course design, implementing active learning, and effective teaching practices.

Mish is passionate about learning design and helping faculty. Her specialties including learning space design, active learning, game-based design as well as extensive experience with educational technology including adaptive learning and accessibility. Mish has more than a decade of experience working in higher education in multiple roles. Mish is a member of the Distance Learning Advisory Committee, Culture Task Force and Educational Learning Space committees. 

Mish is located in KN 4560, can be reached by phone  at 401.825.1404 and email [email protected].

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Kathleen BeaucheneKathleen Beauchene

With a background in education and technology, Kathleen found it natural to foray into teaching online. Although her journey was not a direct one, it has now spanned almost two decades.

In the early 90s, she had an opportunity to teach a composition telecourse. Frustrated after almost ten years of limited connections and resources for students, she experimented using WebCT, the predecessor of Blackboard, to deliver course content online. In the late 90s, she received two separate CCRI Fellowships that enabled her to learn from and collaborate with URI and RIC peers over a three-month period where she participated in multiple workshops covering a range of tools and online strategies. The end result was English 1010: Composition I online in the summer of 2000. Since 2000, Kathleen continues to explore new teaching and learning strategies, technologies and attend regional and national conferences. She has also presented numerous workshops focusing on teaching online and the tools necessary to do so successfully.

Given that she credits her CCRI colleagues as contributors to her own learning, being a mentor has allowed her to give back to the CCRI community. Now as a mentor for over ten years, Kathleen has witnessed many of her colleagues acquire the skills essential to develop fully online and hybrid courses, as well as Blackboard enhanced on-campus courses. She welcomes the opportunity to support the CCRI faculty community. 

Kathleen is a professor of english located in FL 1368, can be reached by phone at 401.333.7389 and email at [email protected].

Pronouns: she, her, hers

Scott WarilaScott Warila

Scott Warila, online faculty mentor, provides support and mentoring to faculty in regards to online course planning, organization, and use of Blackboard options in teaching. He is available for 1:1 conversations, where he can share his knowledge and experience in creating and improving existing online courses. He specializes in the implementation of hands-on science labs that students perform at home to provide online science students a comparable experience.

Scott is an associate professor of biology located in KN 3017, can be reached by phone at 401.825.2136 and email [email protected]. logo