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Shared Responsibilities

DSS Staff Members
DSS staff members have the right to: DSS Staff members have the responsibility to:
Request current and appropriate documentation of student's disability. Maintain the student's confidentiality with respect to their disability.
Discuss a student's need for reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids with the professional who provides the written verification of disability (with the student's signed consent). Serve as an advocate for students with disabilities.
Select the most appropriate or equally effective accommodations, academic adjustments, adaptive equipment and/or other auxiliary aids through discussion with the student. Thoroughly review student's documentation and support reasonable and appropriate accommodations, academic adjustments, adaptive equipment, and/or other auxiliary aids for students with disabilities on an individualized basis upon request and with appropriate documentation.
Approve accommodations if: They are supported by appropriate documentation. The request is made within a timely manner. They do not constitute a substantial change or alteration to an essential part of a academic program or course. They do not pose undue financial hardship on the College. The faculty member has been notified. Orient students to information regarding policies and procedures to ensure availability of material in accessible format upon a timely request by a student.
Support a commitment to academic success and student retention. Share campus resources with students.
Suspend services if the Student Code of Conduct has been violated. Inform students with disabilities of CCRI grievance procedures.
Be treated respectfully by all students. Enforce student handbook policies equally for all students.