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Health Occupations Aptitude Examination

PSB now being offered remotely. Email [email protected] with your name, student ID#, and phone# and a team member will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment. Please note your computer must be equipped with speakers and a microphone (or compatible headset) to take the PSB exam remotely.

PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Exam is a 5-part (web-based) supervised assessment developed by Psychological Services Bureau, Inc. that consists of subtests in Academic Aptitude, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Information in the Natural Sciences and Vocational Adjustment Index. CCRI health science programs will only require Part I-Academic Aptitude and Part IV-Information in the Natural Sciences.

Part I-Academic Aptitude consists of verbal; arithmetic; and nonverbal. You may not use a calculator on the math section. (75 questions- 40 minutes)

Part IV- The Natural Sciences section measurement with this test concerns accumulation of information in the natural sciences, i.e. biology, chemistry, health, safety, etc., at a fundamental level. The relationship of knowledge in the area of the natural sciences to the course of study of the allied educational program is an obvious one. (60 questions-25 minutes)
For more information and to obtain a study packet, please visit for Student Resources.

Please be advised that completion of this exam is a mandatory requirement for the Radiography, Histotechnician, Diagnostic Sonography & Clinical Lab programs.

Please note that there is a TWO-WEEK waiting period to retest. The test may not be taken more than three times.

There is a $85 charge for the PSB Test