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Online Learning Support for Faculty

The majority of students who take online courses at CCRI are enrolled in one of CCRI's programs of study and are taking one or two online courses to complement their on-campus course schedule.

Over 175 different courses and over 200 sections have been offered online in recent terms. Online courses make up a regular part of CCRI's offerings and the choices students make for their education.

CCRI supports faculty teaching in an online environment in several ways.

  • The Director of Instructional Technology and Online Learning in the Academic Affairs office provides direction and guidance for effective teaching in online and hybrid courses.
  • The Effective Practices in Online Teaching is a four-week online course that instructs faculty in pedagogy and policy specific to online teaching.
  • The Distance Learning Advisory Committee addresses matters pertaining to online course quality, evaluation, delivery, structure
  • The Distance Learning Policy outlines policy related to online learning;
  • The Online Learning for Students website provides information on what to expect in online classes for students.
  • The Centers for Instruction and Technology on each campus, managed by IT, provide computers, specialized software, and locations for training on technology.

Faculty members at CCRI interested in teaching online can contact the Director of Instructional Technology and Online Learning or email [email protected].