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Effective Practices in Online Teaching

A 4-week course offered all online with a live meeting at the start and end available in-person and by video conferencing. Completing the course will meet part of the CCRI policy requirements for teaching online.

Participants will

  • create a plan for an online course that will meet the course objectives using approaches that take advantage of the online environment.
  • develop individualized strategies for establishing a strong instructor presence and a positive, open learning environment.
  • be mindful of where important guidelines and regulations relate to online courses – such as copyright, accessibility, and NECHE expectations.
  • identify technical skills required to teach their course.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Sections are limited to 15 participants.

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Blackboard Technical Skills

Part of teaching online is having the skills to use the appropriate tools within Blackboard. This is to allow you to spend as much of your time teaching online on teaching.

In collaboration with Instructional Support, we have developed a list of tasks that are frequently a part of teaching online. It is divided into two sections. Review the list and reach out to IT on any you anticipate needing to teach online.

Blackboard Technical Skills list

The first section outlines tasks most often used for online courses – even if you are predominantly using another platform – and would also be used for using Blackboard in any class - online, hybrid, or web-enhanced.

The second section outlines tasks commonly used in fully online courses delivered through Blackboard. The skills you need depend on which teaching tasks you are conducting in Blackboard.