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Online Learning for Department Chairs

An overview of Distance Learning at CCRI is available on this overview page.

The following PDF* documents are designed to help Department Chairs follow Distance Learning Policy and implement successful Distance Learning courses in their departments.

  • This handout is an outline of Distance Learning policy and on-campus procedures that are relevant to Chairpersons in departments that offer DL courses.
  • Faculty Technology Readiness Checklist: a document that faculty preparing to teach a DL course may use as a self-checklist or as a checklist to use with CIT staff to ensure that they are technologically prepared to teach at a distance.
  • Faculty Readiness Form (Departmental DL Record for New Online Instructors): confirmation that the Department Chair and faculty member have reviewed the DL Policy and the faculty member is prepared to teach a DL course. Please submit to the Vice President of Academic Affairs' office.