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Online Learning

CCRI's online learning courses are different from on-campus courses only in the delivery method. The content and rigor are the same.

  • Online courses will have a section code in the 600s and a meeting time of "Meets Online."
  • Hybrid courses (where some class time is replaced with online activities, but not all) have a section code in the 700s and list both their online meeting time and the time/location for the on-campus portion.

To see what courses are available hybrid or online:*

  • Go to the online Registration page
  • Select "Course Search" and your term of interest
  • Choose the department and course(s) you are interested in
  • Select Distance Learning from the campus list and Submit

Search Courses

*In online courses, 80-100% of the class instruction is delivered online. They may require up to three (3) on-campus meetings and on-campus proctored tests. Your instructor will contact you with the dates of any on-campus requirements prior to the start of the course.