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Team Effectiveness Workshops

Effective teams drive competitive performances. Give yourself the skills you need to contribute to team success by discovering the power of team effectiveness. You can focus on a specific improvement area or take all six modules as a comprehensive development system.

The Team Advantage

You will examine why organizations move to teams and discuss the challenges and rewards of team membership. You’ll explore different kinds of teams, your new role as team members, and ways you can contribute to the development of teams in your organization.

The Basic Principles of Teamwork

You will discover a set of shared values team members can use to work together more effectively. You’ll discuss risk taking, learning from mistakes, information sharing and dealing with change, in relationship to the Basic Principles.

Keeping Your Team on Course: Tools and Techniques

You will learn ways to keep the team on course and explore why course management is everyone’s responsibility. You’ll learn 12 tools and techniques – including the Team Formation Checklist, Balancing the Team’s Workload, Listening for a Win-Win, Avoiding Groupthink and Recognizing Milestones – to guide performance through a variety or situations.

Playing a Vital Role in Team Decisions

You will discuss the active participation required of team members in the team’s decision-making process and discover a win-win approach for defining the best course of action. You’ll practice with a series of decision-making steps that help you move through the decision-making process, determine the expected outcome of that process and identify the resources and information others will need to support the team’s decision.

Developing Team Plans

You will learn a sound, flexible-planning process for the smooth and efficient coordination of team tasks. You’ll use the process to analyze assignments and projects, develop well thought-out plans, anticipate obstacles and seek alternatives for handling contingencies.

Raising Difficult Issues With Your Team

You’ll learn a critical team skill: handling situations that impede the team’s progress. Some issues are difficult to raise-especially those that result from another team member’s actions. This module helps you raise difficult issues with team members in a sensitive and honest manner and build trust for strong, positive working relationships.

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