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Appreciative Inquiry

Organizations around the world are engaging in a new conversation aimed at unleashing the best in people, in business, and the world.  Leaders are breaking the mold of conventional business wisdom and choosing innovative approaches to building extraordinary organizations.  Many are adopting Appreciative Inquiry – a strength-based, holistic approach to change.

Appreciative Inquiry, or AI, is based on the deceptively simple premise: that organizations grow in the direction of what they repeatedly ask questions about and focus their attention on. Therefore, becoming a strong organization, one that moves in a positive direction, requires that people focus their collective energies on their positive core – the sum of their unique strengths, best practices and greatest aspirations.

This strength-based approach moves organizations to greatness. By engaging the “whole system” and unleashing people’s highest aspirations and most inventive thinking, Appreciative Inquiry helps organizations produce exceptional results by

  • Aligning leadership around shared vision
  • Shaping breakthrough strategies
  • Co-constructing organizational architecture
  • Adopting practices in sync with their core purpose and guiding principles
  • and above all, inspiring positive action!

Please contact us for more information or to discuss how we can help bring this unique program to your organization.

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Last Updated: 8/24/16