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A Slice of Raspberry Pi

Computers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and many low cost computers have attracted a large user base. One such very small, popular, and low cost computer, called Raspberry Pi or simply Pi, will be used in this course. We will use Pi to explore the workings of a computer, and also use it to run programs which we will develop. To write these programs, we will learn a programming language called Python. With Pi and Python under our wing, we will be able to write some pretty cool programs to solve problems, or to just simply entertain ourselves. We'll have our Pi's drawing designs, solving math problems, sending e-mail, and even turning things on and off.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
• Describe the basic block diagram of a general purpose computer
• Describe the basic hardware design of Pi
• Develop programs for solving math problems
• Design, develop, and properly document programs as solutions
• Create and debug programs in an integrated development environment
• Understand data types, variables, conversations, formats, arrays, and data manipulation
• Create a practical user interface
• Use events, branching, and repetition in program solutions
• Create external interfaces for input and output
• Create program modules that can be reused for solving additional problems
• Design and develop programs to solve a broad range of problems
• Work in a team environment, and provide quality work performance
• Identify sources of information and reference material for program design and development


How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Allen B Downey, free download at


Vern Mace
Office: Room 2218
Phone: 401-825-2066

Course Details

Pre-requisite: Students enrolling in this course must be teaching computer science or engineering-related courses in a high school environment.  Students will be required to submit a list of courses they have taught or are currently teaching in these areas.
Cost: Free
50340 WKFT-0028-001*

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