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Finish Your Degree – for FREE!

With the COVID Recovery Finish Scholarship! 

We are no longer accepting applications for this scholarship.

This part-time program designed for busy, adult learners will allow you to attend CCRI tuition-free for one year! 

Ready to Finish?

We are no longer accepting applications for this scholarship.

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Additional Info

The Finish Scholarship will provide students that have completed at least 25% (~15 credits) of an associate degree or 25% (~6 credits) of an undergraduate certificate from an accredited college, but who have not been enrolled in college during the spring 2022 semester,  the opportunity to attend CCRI tuition-free until August of 2023. 

Part-time enrollment is permitted and students may only enroll in courses that count towards their program of study. Students can begin in the Summer 2022 or Fall 2022 term. 

This is a "last-dollar" scholarship. It covers any tuition gaps not covered by other federal, state  and/or private grants and is awarded after all other financial aid resources have been exhausted. Scholarships are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must: 

  • Be a Rhode Island resident who qualifies for in-state tuition and fees pursuant to the Residency Policy as adopted by the Council on Postsecondary Education.
  • Have not been enrolled at CCRI or any college during the Spring 2022 semester. The National Student Clearinghouse will be used to determine enrollment.
  • Have not earned an associate or bachelor’s degree. 
  • Have completed at least 25% of your program of study.
    • Programs of study include certificates and associate's degrees.
    • CCRI will review your CCRI transcript (if any) and official transcripts from other colleges (if any) to determine eligibility and your academic program options.
    • CCRI will also evaluate any college-level knowledge you have acquired through corporate or military training and hands-on knowledge gained at work. Learn more about Credit for Prior Learning here.
    • Credits must be college-level and applicable to your current program of study.
    • If needed, a change of major to General Studies is permitted.

To maintain this scholarship, you must: 

  • Enroll at least half-time (6+ credits) each fall and spring semester. Enrollment in the summer terms is permitted, but not required.
    • If you require fewer than 6 credits to graduate you will only be required to register for your remaining credits.
    • Register only for courses in your CCRI program of study.
    • Summer semester does not have a minimum credit requirement.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Students who do not meet SAP at the time of reenrollment will be considered.
  • Complete your 2022-2023 FAFSA and all financial aid requirements.

Other Considerations:

  • Your scholarship applicable program of study will be determined during your admission to CCRI. Your major must be maintained for the duration of the scholarship.
  • Prior outstanding balances with CCRI may be deferred upon review.
  • Students that have defaulted on their federal student loans will be considered.
  • Students not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) must complete the appeal process here during the first semester with the scholarship.
  • Textbooks/class materials are not covered by the scholarship.

Next Steps: 

1. FAFSA: Submit your FAFSA at 
  • This scholarship is not based on income. However, CCRI needs your FAFSA on file to be able to consider you for this scholarship.
  • If you need assistance, contact the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) to set up a free, 1-on-1 consultation with an advisor to walk through the FAFSA. You can contact the EOC at 401-455-6028 or [email protected].
  • You can also register for a FAFSA workshop here.
  • For SUMMER 2022: Submit the 2021-2022 FAFSA.
  • For FALL 2022: Submit the 2022-2023 FAFSA.
2. ATTESTATION: Complete and sign the scholarship eligibility attestation.
  • The Program Director will give this to you after determining eligibility.
3. TRANSCRIPTS: Send official transcripts from other colleges that you've attended to [email protected] .
4. REGISTER: Register for your classes from your MyCCRI account.
  • Register early to get the best class schedule! How to Register.
  • Summer 2022 registration opens on April 4th.
  • Fall 2022 registration opens on April 11th.
  • Please consult the advising schedule to speak with an academic advisor.
  • You may only register for courses in your CCRI program of study.

Is the scholarship income-based? 

No. However, our financial aid office still needs to have your FAFSA on file to be able to grant you an award. 

Is there anything the scholarship does not cover? 

Yes. The scholarship does not cover the cost of books/course materials. 

Is there a deadline by which I have to complete my degree? 

No, although the scholarship ends in August of 2023. 

What if I don’t finish my degree by August of 2023 when the scholarship ends? 

If you don’t finish, we hope you will continue with your studies anyway! There will likely be other funding sources available to you to help you get to the finish line. The good news is that you do not need to pay back any of the scholarship awards you received if you do not finish by August of 2023. 

Can I take classes online and/or in person? 

Yes! CCRI offers many online courses to accommodate the busy lives of our adult learners. We also offer in-person classes for those who prefer face-to-face instruction, and some classes are a hybrid between the two. 

Can I take classes part-time? 

Yes! You must take a minimum of 6 credits (two classes) per term. If you want to take more so you can finish faster, you can! If you have fewer than 6 credits to go to graduate, you only need to take the credits you need to complete your degree. 

What classes can I take? 

You may only take classes that count towards your program of study. 

Can I get credit for my work/life experience? 

Yes! If your background includes military service, corporate training, work experience or other experiential learning, you may be eligible for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). Visit our prior learning web page to learn more about how you can shorten your time to degree completion, or contact our CPL Coordinator, Nicole Sheldon, at [email protected] 

Will CCRI accept credits from another college? 

Yes! If you are able to transfer credits in to CCRI and they count toward your program of study, they will count towards the 25% completion requirement. Request that your official college transcripts be sent to [email protected]. 

Can I change my major? 

At the time of your re-enrollment, you will discuss which major you would like to pursue with your advisor. You must have completed at least 25% (~15 credits) of your program of study. Once you choose your major, you may not change it for the duration of the scholarship program. 

Can I take a semester off if I am enrolled in this scholarship program? 

No. You must maintain continued enrollment for the duration of the program. 

I am interested!

We are no longer accepting applications for this scholarship.


I work as a Program Director at a childcare center and am passionate about helping people. I could not afford to go back to school. I kept getting text messages about the scholarship, so I decided to check it out. So far, I love that I can take part-time classes. It is really flexible and manageable! --Saron V. 

See what other scholarship recipients are saying!

Trust yourself! As adults we are able to appreciate knowledge so much more than we did when we were young.

– Jeanne M.

Don’t feel like it’s too late because it’s never too late!

– Cecila S.

Just do it. Make time to get the work done and take advantage of the technology that is available now!

– Laura A.

Take your time even if it’s going back just two classes at a time.

– Courtney P. 

The faculty are understanding of the needs of adult learners and are dedicated to success.

–Denise M. 

My favorite part is the flexibility and accommodations of online learning.

Shane L. 

Hopefully, this is the opportunity that I have been waiting for!

Anthony Z.

I love being able to do my work whenever I want, it's so helpful with my schedule.

– Quinn C.