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COVID Recovery Scholarships

We're here to help!

The past several years have been tough on all of us. Let us help you get back on track or stay on track with your education: tuition-free!

About the Scholarships

These are "last-dollar" scholarships. They cover any tuition gaps not covered by other federal, state and/or private grants and are awarded after all other financial aid resources have been exhausted. Scholarships are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Funds are limited! Don't wait! Get started today!

I am interested!

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I am a single father and I work full-time to support my daughter. Currently in my career, I am getting competition from other colleagues with degrees under their belt. When I received the mailer about returning to school and having all expenses paid, it was a no-brainer. CCRI has been outstanding and I am taking a much needed step to better my life and career! --Juan C.

See what other scholarship recipients are saying!

Doing courses online is one of the best opportunities I am having in all this.

–James D.

Don’t feel like it’s too late because it’s never too late!

– Cecila S.

I have great support and all the resources I need.

–Nuvia M.

I love the diversity and the opportunity to learn something everyday!

– Robert L.

The faculty are understanding of the needs of adult learners and are dedicated to success.

-Denise M.

I love CCRI. It's the best move I made!

– Audra F.

Don’t let obstacles blind your goal, take it step by step!

– Jennifer G.

Just do it. Make time to get the work done and take advantage of the technology that is available now!

– Laura A.