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In-state Travel Procedures

Effective date: 1/1/11
Revised 5/31/11

Instructions for Preparing the In-State Automobile Travel Reimbursement and Accounting Report (A-14x)

CCRI employees may be allowed reimbursement for the use of their personal vehicles for official College business at the current state approved mileage rate when it is determined to be economical and/or advantageous to the College. The final decision on all such determinations will be made by the Vice-President of Business Affairs. Alternatives to travel, e.g., telephone calls, E-mail, and teleconferencing, should be used to the maximum extent practical.

The In-State Travel Reimbursement form is only available in the attached Excel format. The form can only be completed in Excel. Open the template version (Excel†) of the In-State Travel form and save the template on your computer. Complete the form in Excel, print and sign the hard copy. This hard copy will need to be forwarded to the Controller’s Office for processing.

Print the sample form (PDF*) to review while reading these instructions. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

MS Excel documents require MS Excel to view or print

The following information must be included on the A-14X (In-State Travel Reimbursement) form:

  1. Traveler’s full name.
  2. Traveler’s CCRI ID Number. Traveler's vehicle make (Nissan, Chevrolet) that was used.
  3. Traveler's vehicle model (Altima, Impala) that was used.
  4. Year of the vehicle that was used.
  5. Vehicle registration number of the vehicle used.
  6. The vehicle registration number is the number on the plates issued to you when the car was registered.
  7. Name of the city or town in which you reside.
  8. Department's Banner Fund, Organization, Account, and Program (FOAP) codes.
  9. Dates that travel took place.
  10. List starting point and all destinations that will be claimed for reimbursement. Please be specific (i.e., from Knight Campus, to Liston Campus to the Flanagan Campus and returned).  Use separate lines if needed.
  11. Briefly state the business purpose for the travel, e.g., articulation meeting, sales call, etc.
  12. Vehicle odometer readings at beginning and end of travel.
  13. Calculate miles traveled by subtracting the beginning odometer reading from the ending odometer reading. (Excel template version performs this calculation).
  14. Cost of tolls and/or parking fees. Original receipts must be attached to travel voucher when applicable.
  15. Total miles driven for the month. (Excel template version performs this calculation). Total dollar amount for mileage is calculated by multiplying the total mileage by the current state reimbursement rate per mile- $.565 as of January 1, 2013. (Excel template version performs this calculation).
  16. Total of Other Charges is inserted in this space (Excel template version performs this calculation).
  17. Grand total of the mileage and other travel costs (Excel template version performs the calculation)
  18. Print the Excel version of the completed form.  Sign and date the voucher.
  19. Dept. head or supervisor must approve by initialing and dating the travel voucher in the middle (bottom) of the form.

Please be very careful when completing the form. If any of the above required data is omitted, the form will have to be returned to the traveler for correction. Only use the templates provided on-line. These templates have the current mileage reimbursement rates. If you use a previous version and the rate is incorrect, the form will be returned to you for correction.

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Receipts: Original receipts for parking, tolls, etc., must be attached to the travel expense form or a notation must be made if a parking meter is used.  Expenses not supported with proper documentation will not be reimbursed.

Pell Newport Bridge Tolls: With the implementation of the EZPass system, reimbursements for use of the Pell Newport Bridge will be:

  • $.83 for each passage without a receipt.
  • $4.00 reimbursement per passage with a toll receipt.
  • For those who purchased a transponder out-of-state, please attach a supporting EZPass statement.  As your reimbursement per passage may be different.

Individuals will not be reimbursed for purchasing EZPass transponders. Travelers using department provided EZPass transponders will not be reimbursed for tolls. These tolls will be paid directly by CCRI.

Eligible Mileage: No transportation costs will be allowed between an employee’s residence and his/her assigned campus; this is considered commuting and is not eligible for reimbursement. Travelers will not be reimbursed for mileage associated with extended day teaching or union meetings.

When an employee travels from their home to a destination other than their assigned campus, and the destination is closer to home than the assigned campus, no mileage is eligible for reimbursement.  If the destination is further from home than the assigned campus, only the actual mileage in excess of the normal commuting mileage is eligible for reimbursement.

Time Limits on Processing the Completed In-State Travel Reimbursement Form:

Once the In-State Travel Reimbursement form has been completed and approved by the traveler’s supervisor or department chairperson, it is sent to the Controller's Office for review and then to the Business Office for signature and then returned to the Controller's Office for audit and processing. However, an employee making a claim for travel reimbursement must submit a complete travel claim to the Controller's Office no later than 120 days after the travel has been completed. For example, if the travel for which the traveler is seeking reimbursement occurred on August 3  the employee has until December 1 to submit the claim. If not submitted within the above time frame, the individual will forfeit mileage reimbursement.

Exceptions to this procedure will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the VP for Business Affairs, and will not be unreasonably denied.

*MS Excel documents require MS Excel to view or print

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