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Community College of Rhode Island

Comm Committee Members

Name & Link to Faculty Web Campus Email Phone (401)
Kathleen Beauchene Flanagan 333-7389
Deborah Brody Flanagan 333-7392
Jim Glickman Flanagan 333-7137
Alan Gousie Flanagan 333-7211
Pam Hallene Liston 455-6127
Leigh Martin Flanagan 333-7389
Pat Morse Knight 825-2356
Ellen Mroz Liston 455-6108
Ann O'Leary Liston 455-6107
Denise Parrillo Knight 825-2351
Allison Petro Newport 851-1677
Bert Silverberg Flanagan
Knight 333-7386

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Last Updated: 10/29/15