Associate of Science Degree in Nursing

The Associate Degree of Nursing Program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA, 30326; 404-975-5000.

Continuing Accreditation for Associate Degree in Nursing: Last evaluation visit: September 27-29, 2011: Most recent action: March 2012: Substantive change approved April 27, 2016; Next evaluation visit: Fall 2019. Students who complete and receive an Associate of Science degree in Nursing are eligible to take the licensure examination for Registered Nursing (NCLEX-RN).

The Nursing Program is offered at the Knight (Warwick), Flanagan (Lincoln), Liston (Providence) and Newport County Campuses. An evening/weekend option is offered at the Flanagan campus. Students may apply to any campus. Once accepted, students may not transfer between campuses.

Applicants may earn credits in advance of applying for degree status, but this must be done in consultation with the Office of Enrollment Services. Courses may be taken at the Community College of Rhode Island or at any other accredited college.

Technical Standards: The physical activity (strength) level for a registered nurse (075.364-010) is classified as “medium” by the Department of Labor in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

Note: Many courses require prerequisites, co-requisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.


All admission requirements must be completed satisfactorily BEFORE an applicant can be offered acceptance into the Nursing Program. At the time of admission, the student must meet the current admission requirements of the program. Students declining acceptance into the program for the semester offered must reapply to the program and meet the current admission requirements. Once accepted into Nursing, the student must attend a mandatory orientation conducted by the Nursing Department.


See important general policies in the beginning of this section on the Performance-Based Health Sciences (PBHS) application process, academic progress, advanced placement, background check, CPR certification, health insurance, health records, reinstatement, transportation, uniforms, and equipment.

Minimum requirements to apply to the Nursing Program
  1. CCRI Application for Enrollment in General Studies with a pre-nursing concentration
  2. Official copy of a high school or GED® transcript, or baccalaureate transcript from an accredited institution, including date of graduation or completion
  3. ACCUPLACER test issued by CCRI’s Department of Advising and Counseling
    1. Score of 90 or above is required for Reading Comprehension OR take ENGL 0890: Critical Reading with a grade of B- or better.
    2. Score of 80 or above in arithmetic OR take MATH 0100: Fundamentals of Mathematics, with a grade of B- or better. (Entry point for MATH 0100 is MATH 0095.)
  4. HESI A² Test*
    1. Reading Comprehension and Math with a score of 80 percent or better
    2. Vocabulary/General Knowledge, and Grammar with a score of 75 percent or better
      *HESI A²: If the student does not achieve a minimum score on one or more of the tests, the student may retake the necessary test(s) once within the next 12 months. Students are limited to two attempts within a 12-month period from the date the original test was taken. A minimum of two weeks between exams is required. Please note: HESI test scores do not expire.
  5. Complete the following prerequisite courses. (These courses are limited to two attempts.)
    1. BIOL 1010: Human Anatomy with a grade of B- or better
      IMPORTANT: The CCRI Biology department is planning to move from BIOL 1010 (Human Anatomy) and BIOL 1020 (Human Physiology) to integrated courses – Anatomy & Physiology 1 (A&P1) and Anatomy & Physiology 2 (A&P2). These are each 4-credit courses with labs. A&P1 will first be offered in Fall 2019; A&P2 will be offered in Spring 2020. BIOL 1010 will last be offered in Summer 2019; BIOL 1020 will last be offered in Fall 2019. (Rhode Island College will continue to offer separate Anatomy and Physiology courses. If students take BIOL 1010 or BIOL 1020 at CCRI but do not pass before those courses are no longer offered, repeating them at RIC will be an option.) Students should plan their programs of study accordingly.
    2. ENGL 1010: Composition I with a grade of C or better
    3. PSYC 2010: General Psychology with a grade of C or better
    4. NOTE: All attempts prior to Jan 1, 2015, including transfers, are considered ONE attempt regardless of the number of times the class was taken. If a student fails to meet the satisfactory grade requirements within two attempts, the student must wait five years from the last attempt to retake the course.
  6. A minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 2.7 is required to apply to the program and must be maintained until enrolled in the Nursing program.
    All above requirements must be met satisfactorily BEFORE submission of the PBHS application and do not guarantee acceptance. Students declining acceptance into the program for the semester must resubmit a PBHS application for the program and meet current requirements.
  7. Complete and submit an online PBHS application at Deadlines are listed on the form.
    1. If applicable, indicate on PBHS application if you have an active CNA certification. Additional admission points will be granted for current CNA certification.
  8. Conditionally accepted students are required to complete the following:
    1. When directed by notification from Enrollment Services, submit a background check through Results of BCI may prevent admission due to clinical agencies’ requirements.
    2. Submit all health care requirements to by the deadline identified. If applicable, submit a copy of active CNA certification to by the deadline identified.
    3. Final acceptance is based upon completion of the above criteria by stated deadline.
Program Requirements
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 is required for graduation and the awarding of an Associate of Science degree.
  • Students must maintain a passing status (75 or above) in the theoretical and clinical components of each Nursing course. In the event that a student fails either the theory or the clinical component of a required Nursing course, the course must be repeated in its entirety. Nursing courses are graded using a department-specific grading policy (75=C). “C” is considered a passing grade for all nursing courses.
  • At this time, BIOL 1020 (Human Physiology) is required in Semester 1 of the Nursing Program. Students must achieve a grade of B- or better in the course. If required benchmark for this course is not achieved, student may not progress in the program. Students are limited to two attempts. Note Human Physiology: BIOL 1020 grade is valid for five years.
  • Reinstatement to the Nursing Program is based on space availability. Priority is given to students in good academic standing at the time of withdrawal. Students returning to the Nursing Program must be approved by the Scholastic Standing Committee and may be required to repeat previous and/or complete additional course work.
  • A student is eligible to repeat only one non-clinical Nursing course, with the exception of dropping/failing both Nursing non-clinical courses simultaneously during a single semester (NURS 1015 and NURS 1061 during Semester 1). If only one non-clinical Nursing course is dropped/failed during Semester 1, that single class will be considered their one and only repeat attempt.
  • A student is eligible to repeat only one clinical Nursing course, with the exception of dropping/ failing both clinical Nursing courses simultaneously during a single semester (NURS 1020 and NURS 1023 during Semester 2; NURS 2040 and NURS 2050 during Semester 3, or NURS 2060 and NURS 2500 during Semester 4). If only one clinical Nursing course is dropped/failed during Semesters 2, 3, or 4, that single class will be considered their one and only repeat attempt.
  • A student requesting to repeat a Nursing course must meet the current admissions criteria.

Suggested course progression reflects full-time status with a minimum of 12 credits.

BIOL 1010 Human Anatomy   4
ENGL 1010 Composition I   3
PSYC 2010 General Psychology   4
Humanities Electives   See complete list of courses that fulfill HUMN attribute. Not required for admission into the Associate in Nursing Degree Nursing program, but is required for graduation.

Total Prerequisites Credits 11

Courses below must be completed before beginning Semester 2.

Semester 1
NURS 1010 Nursing I   6
NURS 1015 Gerontological Nursing   2
NURS 1061 Pharmacology 1   1
BIOL 1020 Human Physiology   4

Total Semester 1 Credits 13

Courses below must be completed before beginning Semester 3.

Semester 2
NURS 1020 Nursing II   6
NURS 1023 Mental Health Nursing   3
NURS 1062 Pharmacology II   1
PSYC 2030 Developmental Psychology   3

Total Semester 2 Credits 13

Courses below must be completed before beginning Semester 4.

Semester 3
NURS 2040 Medical-Surgical Nursing II   5
NURS 2050 Maternal and Child Health   6
NURS 1063 Pharmacology III   1

Total Semester 3 Credits 12

Semester 4
NURS 2060 Medical-Surgical Nursing III   6
NURS 2500 Nursing Capstone   3
BIOL 2210 Introductory Microbiology   4

Total Semester 4 Credits 13

Total Prerequisite and In-Program Credits 65

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