Professional Studies Course Descriptions

ADAS ( Administrative Assistant )

ADAS 2510 - Microsoft Office Applications II (3 Credits)

This course will provide students with further training on Microsoft Office applications that include advanced Word and intermediate Excel using a hands-on approach. In addition, students will continue to develop their keyboarding skills and accuracy. A keyboarding speed range of 30 to 55 wpm is required for this course. Prerequisite: OFTD 1220 or permission of instructor Lecture: 3 hours, Lab: 1 hour Lab Fee: $20.00

ADAS 2520 - Office Transcription II (2 Credits)

This course continues to develop proficiency in transcribing from tapes to mailable copy. It is designed to further refine and integrate office skills and applications. Emphasis is on the advanced application of language art skills in the production of written communications. Prerequisite: OFTD 1170 and 1280 or permission of instructor Lecture: 2 hours, Lab: 1 hour

ADAS 2530 - Office Technology and Procedures II (3 Credits)

This capstone course enables students to integrate the skills previously learned in the program via a career-related office simulation. Students continue to learn Outlook as well as gaining knowledge of planning meetings and conferences. In addition, students research business data and learn about parliamentary procedures. Emphasis is placed on the development and exercise of decision-making ability and human relations skills. Prerequisite: OFTD 1140 Lecture: 3 hours

ADAS 2570 - Administrative Office Management (3 Credits)

This course deals with the strategies and issues related to effective supervision of employees who work in an office environment. The relationship between office productivity and management activities such as planning, scheduling organizing, implementing, evaluating and controlling is examined. Lecture: 3 hours

ADAS 2580 - Office Administration Cooperative Education I (3 Credits)

This is a planned and supervised cooperative work experience that provides students with an opportunity to observe and participate in a work environment related to their academic interests. Students attend class on campus during weeks one through five then work approximately 13 hours a week in an approved Cooperative Work Experience Placement during weeks six through 15. (Prerequisites: Enrollment in Office Administration program and completion of 24 credits in that program, and 2.0 GPA or permission of instructor) Lecture 25 hours total, CO-OP: 130 hours total

ADAS 2590 - Office Administration Cooperative Education II (4 Credits)

This course is an extension of ADAS 2580 Cooperative Education I that helps students develop in-depth knowledge of specific content areas and demonstrate increased levels of expertise in these areas. Students work approximately 15-20 hours a week in an approved cooperative work experience site. Students participate in a one-hour and 40-minute weekly seminar on campus. (Prerequisite: Same as Administration Office Technology Cooperative Education I, but also requires the successful completion of ADAS 2580 or permission of instructor.) Lecture: 25 hours total, CO-OP: 195 hours total

ADAS 2610 - Microsoft Office Applications III (3 Credits)

This course continues to develop Microsoft Office skills in the areas of Access, Excel and PowerPoint. Students will continue to develop their keyboarding speed and accuracy. A keyboarding range of 35 to 60 wpm is required for this course. (Prerequisite: OFTD 1220) Lecture: 3 hours, Lab: 1 hour Lab Fee: $20.00

ADAS 2620 - Office Administration Career Development (3 Credits)

This course reviews one's occupation status and job aspirations relative to office careers. It will guide the student through such topics as striving toward positive human relations in organizations and understanding and improving group relationships and also such job-search related topics as resume writing and interviewing techniques. Lecture: 3 hours

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