Medical Transcription Concentration (MEDT) – Community College of Rhode Island

Medical Transcription Concentration (MEDT)

Certificate in Professional Studies (CERT_ADOT)

Knight Campus, Warwick only
Program offered during days only.

The Medical Transcription concentration prepares students for employment in the health field. Students are trained in the use of medical terminology, the transcription of various types of medical reports and the handling of medical office duties. Cooperative work experience in a medical office is a requirement of this program. Job opportunities for graduates are projected to remain constant.

Certificate program credits may be applied toward an Professional Studies or General Studies degree.

Note: Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.

  • First semester: BIOL 1070; OFTD 1120
  • Second semester: MEDL 2350; OFTD 1220
  • Third semester: OFTD 1130; MEDL 2380
  • Fourth semester: MEDL 2360; OFTD 1180, 1280
  • Fifth semester: MEDL 2480
  • Sixth semester: BIOL 1110; PSYC 1030; MEDL 2910
General Education Requirements
OFTD 1120 Microcomputer Keyboarding   3
OFTD 1220 Microsoft Office Applications I   4
MEDL 2360 Medical Document Processing   2
MEDL 2350 Medical Terminology   2
MEDL 2380 Medical Office Transcription I   3
OFTD 1130 Editing Skills for Office Communications I   2
BIOL 1070 Human Anatomy and Physiology   3
OFTD 1180 Speech Recognition Software Applications I   1
MEDL 2480 Medical Office Transcription II   2
OFTD 1280 Editing Skills for Office Communications II   3
MEDL 2910 Medical Cooperative Work Experience   3
PSYC 1030 Psychology of Personal Adjustment   3
BIOL 1110 Introduction to Pharmacology   1

Total General Education Requirements Credits 32

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